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Ex-Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino Testifies Before Congress: Defunding Police Would Be “Chaos and Destruction”


It’s absolutely mind-blowing that Congress is having to hold hearings on defunding police departments.

What do liberals envision a world without police officers would look like?

These are the same people that would see you stripped of your gun rights.

No guns to protect you and your family and no police to call.

Fortunately, ex-Secret Service agent Dan Bongino had some wise words for Congress.

He said defunding the police would only bring “chaos and destruction” to the country.

Here’s the details on his testimony from Fox News:

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino testified Wednesday before a House Judiciary Committee hearing on police reform, arguing that while it is important to hold police officers accountable for their actions, defunding police departments will result in “chaos and destruction.”

Bongino, a conservative commentator and Fox News contributor, recognized that there are officers out there who “aren’t suited for the job,” and said he prays for “justice” for George Floyd’s family. Floyd’s brother testified earlier Wednesday, recalling in vivid detail how George pleaded for his life while a white officer kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes, in an incident that touched off protests, civil unrest and calls for reform.

But Bongino insisted that most cops he knows are “heroes” who are committed to public safety, and warned that they – and the communities they serve – will suffer if the recent movement to defund police departments is successful.

“Removing these heroes from your communities and my community will do nothing but ensure chaos and destruction,” Bongino said in his opening statement. “Police officers are the front lines, putting themselves between the evildoers among us and the honest, hardworking Americans just yearning for some security and prosperity in a small slice of Americana.”

The movement to defund, or in some cases disband, police has seen support from Democrats including Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, who hails from the state where Floyd died. Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender told CNN Monday that “the idea of having a police-free future is very aspirational.”

Bongino said that Americans “should commit to police accountability,” but said that “we can do it without shredding the thin wall between civilization and chaos.”

He went on to discuss how he regularly learns about officers who have been killed or injured and warned that other people could find themselves in harm’s way if departments are defunded.

“I ask you please, with the greatest of respect and humility, please stop this defund the police abomination before someone gets hurt,” he said.

Another issue discussed at the hearing was qualified immunity for police officers. Currently, cops have a degree of protection from litigation related to their activities on the job. Bongino agreed with Democrats who feel that there are problems with qualified immunity, but warned that doing away with it entirely would present other problems.

“Listen I get it, there are serious issues with qualified immunity,” Bongino said. “There’s no question about that. We’re in full agreement. The problem is if you were to repeal qualified immunity, have you considered the ‘and then what?’”

Bongino explained that if police officers are open to more lawsuits, legal bills — even for good cops — could be “so oppressive that you won’t have police officers.” He also warned that cops, out of fear of litigation, could be “afraid in the street to go and do their jobs and be proactive in communities that need it most.”

Bongino hit it spot on.

Liberals would see our men and women in blue uniforms defunded and stripped of all protections.

Watch Bongino’s full comments right here:

Meanwhile, Angela Underwood Jacobs, the sister of a federal protective officer killed in the line of duty, also testified before Congress.

She described efforts to defund police departments as “ridiculous.”

Take a look at what Fox News reported on her testimony:

The sister of a federal protective officer in Oakland who was fatally shot during a protest for George Floyd that turned violent told Congress on Wednesday calls to defund the police are “ridiculous".

"It is a ridiculous solution to claim that defunding police departments is the solution to police brutality and discrimination because it's not a solution. It gets us nowhere as a nation and removes the safety net protection that every citizen deserves from their communities elected officials," Angela Underwood Jacobs said at the House Judiciary Committee's hearing on proposed changes to police practices on Capitol Hill.

Jacobs' brother, Patrick Underwood, was stationed in front of the U.S. Courthouse in Oakland Calif., on May 29 when a vehicle pulled up the building and opened fire at him and another contract security officer who both worked for Homeland Security's Federal Protective Service. Underwood was killed while the second officer was wounded.

Underwood's death happened amid ongoing protests decrying police brutality after Floyd-- an unarmed black man in Minneapolis-- died after a former police officer kneeled on his neck for over eight minutes.

Floyd's death has sparked a national movement that has raised calls by activists and some liberals to defund the police.

While not all Democrats are on board with the idea to "defund" police departments, lawmakers are seeking legislation to pass sweeping reforms aimed at tightening accountability by police departments for uses of force and banning excessive force tactics such as the use of chokeholds, tear gas, and pepper spray.

We can only hope that Republicans in Congress can get the Democrats under control and end this absurdity.

Take a look at reactions to Bongino’s testimony:


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