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Trump Stands Firm: President Pledges NO Defunding or Dismantling of Our Police!


President Trump continues to be the president of law and order!

In a strong statement, President Trump said that we will NOT be defunding or dismantling our police departments.

In the wake of George Floyd's death, many radical Democrats have pushed the idea of defunding the police.

Many Democrats have even pushed the notion of eliminating police departments altogether!

But President Trump is not having any of it.

He is standing strong for law and order!

He is fighting to protect you and I.

EVERY single American benefits from the protection and security provided by law enforcement.

More details on this strong pledge by President Trump below:

President Trump is a wise man.

He understands that reform is necessary to end the rare cases of police brutality.

However, reformation does not mean that the entire system needs to be destroyed.

Fox News confirms that President Trump will be announcing proposals to curb police brutality so that ALL Americans feel safe:

President Trump will soon have a list of police reform proposals that can be accomplished through a combination of executive and legislative action -- and that effort could have some crossover with Democratic proposals, multiple sources told Fox News on Tuesday.

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., is taking the lead on the legislative side, Fox News is told. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, senior adviser Jared Kushner, and domestic policy adviser Ja'Ron Smith are on Capitol Hill meeting with Scott.

The potential executive actions would be taken at the Justice Department, and would be executed in conjunction with law enforcement and community leaders.

The priority of the proposals will be on putting in place protections for communities, but not tying the hands of the police, Fox News is told.

Trump met with law enforcement leaders who gave him some proposals for possible reforms on Monday, in the wake of the in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Four ex-officers have been charged in Floyd's death, which touched off nationwide protests, looting, and violence, including the burning of the St. John's Church just steps from the White House.

White House officials also responded to criticisms that Trump should deliver a national address concerning police reforms, telling Fox News that it's Trump’s position that “actions speak louder than words,” and that he has spent the time working up policy rather than writing speeches.

A timeline is not yet available concerning the proposals, but an announcement later this week is on the table.

Speaking to Fox News' Bret Baier on Monday, Attorney General Bill Barr indicated that the federal government should help set standards that abolish the use of police chokeholds and similar techniques. After kneeling for several minutes, top Democrats on Monday introduced a sweeping criminal justice reform bill, which includes a limitation on police officers' qualified immunity to certain forms of lawsuits for misconduct on the job.

While Democrats have been busy protesting and rioting, President Trump has been spending his time coming up with tangible, actionable legislation proposals.

If passed, these proposals will ensure that ALL Americans feel safe in the hands of the police.

President Trump may not get the credit he deserves, but he is fighting for all Americans!


Democrats scream "Defund the police!"

MAGA supporters have come up with their own rallying cry of "Defend the police!"

This will create a clear distinction between President Trump and the Republicans against the Democrat party.

Politico has more on MAGA nation's new rallying cry:

First, it was socialism. Then it was antifa. Now, with the latest protests sweeping the nation, President Donald Trump’s base has found its newest foil: the snowballing movement to drastically reduce the size and budgets of police departments to constrain discriminatory law enforcement practices.

The rallying cry of the far left is now becoming the rallying cry of the right, energizing the MAGA movement to defend the police.

“It seems to me that the goal there is to totally abolish the police department and replace it with something else,” said Ryan Fournier, founder of Students for Trump. “I don't know what 'something else' is. I don't think we've gone that far down that rabbit hole. But I think it's counterproductive.”

The backlash from the right comes even as many conservatives begin to accept the premise that African Americans are disproportionately targeted by police. A recent Washington Post-Schar School poll found that 53 percent of Republicans backed the protests, and 47 percent believed police killings of black men indicate broader problems, compared with 19 percent in 2014.

But Trump’s die-hard conservative base is unnerved by what they view as an extreme solution from extreme leftists. To them, addressing the problem by slashing resources to law enforcement is an attack on the central tenet of the Republican Party — law and order — and one that Trump himself is setting up as a wedge issue to bolster his case for reelection in the coming months.

“First of all, on some level, I think it's perceived to be more of an empty slogan than a serious policy response,” said Clark Neily, vice president for criminal justice at the libertarian-leaning Cato Institute. “And second, it is indelibly associated with the left, which for many people is all they need to know about it in order to oppose it.”

Initially, conservatives across the country — Trump supporters or not — dismissed the idea as an impossibility as slogans like “Defund the Police” and “Abolish the Police” first appeared on signs during Black Lives Matter protests. The slogan morphed virtually overnight from liberal fever dream to tangible policy when the Minneapolis City Council voted overwhelmingly to disband the city’s police department and restructure its approach to public safety.

This will create quite the situation for Democrats in swing districts.

Will they support the radical idea to defund and abolish the police?

Or will they side with President Trump to defend law and order?

As we have said many times before, the campaign for reelection has just gotten started.

Things will get much more interesting and favorable for President Trump!


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