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Christopher Columbus Monuments Beheaded in Boston, Thrown Into Lake in Richmond


Liberals have beheaded and vandalized Christopher Columbus monuments in at least two cities across the nation.

Christopher Columbus, of course, is the explorer who is credited with paving the way to the New World and the colonization of the Americas.

Far left liberal activists, however, consider Columbus a "hate figure."

The BBC reports that leftists accuse Columbus of genocide and other terrible things:

The day is becoming increasingly controversial, however. Many argue the man himself isn't worthy of commemoration. Columbus wasn't actually the first to cross the Atlantic, they say. The holiday is seen as a celebration of colonialism, and offensive to the continent's indigenous people. Some claim he was responsible for murder and enslavement, and was a brutal viceroy and governor of the territories under his control.

All of which helps explain why people are using the #ColumbusDay hashtag, which has appeared on more than 120,000 times on Twitter in the last week, to berate the tradition.

Anti-Columbus messages are by no means the only ones being sent. Some are using it to share inspirational messages: " 'You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore' – Christopher Columbus. Happy #ColumbusDay!" (Actually a quote from Andre Gide's 1925 novel, The Counterfeiters.)

But many read a little more like these:

"I'm celebrating #ColumbusDay by walking into a stranger's home and claiming it as my own. Housewarming party to be announced."

"Ah yes, genocide. #ColumbusDay."

"#ColumbusDay has become like that drunk uncle everyone is ashamed of."

The Spanish version of Columbus' name "Cristobal Colon" has also appeared more than 8,000 times, and is trending in Mexico. But it is dwarfed by another phrase – #nadaquecelebrar, meaning "nothing to celebrate" – which has been used almost 80,000 times, and is trending across Latin America.

Their perverse view of Christopher Columbus is what has led to the vandalization of monuments in Boston and Richmond.

Though Christopher Columbus clearly has nothing to do with George Floyd, the protesters want to destroy the monuments honoring the man often credited with discovering America.

The Daily Mail confirms:

A Christopher Columbus statue was beheaded in Boston overnight while another was torn down and thrown in a lake in Richmond in the latest protests to target a symbol of racial oppression.  

The statue on the North End's waterfront in Boston was found beheaded last night, with authorities investigating after finding 'pieces' of the statue near Atlantic Avenue.  

Elsewhere on the same night protesters in Richmond's Byrd Park in Virginia pulled another Columbus monument down with ropes, set it on fire and rolled it into a lake to cheers from the assembled crowd.

The sculpture was brought down less than two hours after protesters in the state's capital gathered and chanted for the statue to go.  

The empty pedestal was spray-painted and covered with a sign saying 'Columbus Represents Genocide' after the statue was taken down.  

Columbus's arrival in the Americas in 1492 unleashed centuries of European colonisation, making him a symbol of conquest and violence to Native Americans.

Perhaps the scariest part of this is that far left radicals are attempting to erase the history that unites and binds us together.

The American story is one of discovery, triumph, and unification in the face of diversity.

Yet Democrat protesters appear to want to tear down everything that celebrates the founding of the greatest nation on earth.

In Richmond, VA, the city acted quickly to save the monument.

Inspiring video shows the historical monument being rescued from the water:

Violent protesters have been looting private property and vandalizing public monuments.

The Hill confirms that statues in multiple cities were defaced and covered with graffiti:

Statues of Christopher Columbus were targeted by protesters in Massachusetts and Virginia on Tuesday night in an act of solidarity with indigenous peoples.

The 8-foot-tall memorial to the explorer in Richmond, Va., was pulled down with ropes and dragged roughly 200 yards to nearby Landing at Foundation Lake, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. It was also reportedly briefly lit on fire.

The base of the statue was covered in graffiti, and protesters held signs reading “This land is Powhatan land” and “Columbus represents genocide.”

A makeshift headstone poster was also placed in front of the sunken statute in the water that read, “Racism. You will not be missed.”

The figure was reportedly the first statue of Columbus erected in the South, according to the newspaper. It was dedicated in December 1927.

The statue’s toppling came after demonstrators in the city were seen marching down Arthur Ashe Boulevard, one of hundreds of demonstrations across the U.S. protesting racial injustice and police brutality following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis late last month.

Protesters in Richmond noted that African Americans and indigenous peoples both face white supremacy and institutionalized racism in the United States since Columbus first arrived on the continent.

So far, the TV show "Cops" has been canceled.

HBO has pulled Gone with the Wind from its streaming platform.

Now, Christopher Columbus monuments aren't even safe.

It's only Wednesday.

We will see what the rest of the week has in store.


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