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BREAKING: George P. Bush to Endose President Trump, the “Only Thing Standing Between America and Socialism”


President Trump will be getting a HUGE endorsement from someone in the Bush family.

George P. Bush has announced plans to endorse President Trump's reelection bid, stating that "Trump is the only thing standing between America and socialism."

Previously, Trump once referred to George P. Bush as the "only Bush who likes me."

Well, it looks like things haven't changed!

More details on this exciting development below:

George P. Bush is 100% correct!

Though Joe Biden is attempting to portray himself as a moderate, the reality is that the Democratic party has shifted further to the left than ever before.

President Trump, however, has fought to preserve liberty and individual rights!

The Hill confirms that the youngest Bush will be voting for Trump this November:

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, the son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and the nephew of former President George W. Bush, on Tuesday made clear that he will vote for President Trump in the 2020 election.

"Trump is the only thing standing between America and socialism,” George P. Bush said in a statement to The Dallas Morning News and The Texas Tribune.

“Even in a global pandemic where we have had to take unprecedented measures to protect public health, the economy is already returning,” he added. “It’s clear, America and Texas will continue to be stronger than ever.”

The comments from the younger Bush arrived just days after a New York Times report revealed that some prominent Republicans were struggling with whether to endorse Trump in the upcoming election. People familiar with George W. Bush’s thinking told the newspaper that he would not back the president’s reelection. Jeb Bush is unsure how he will vote come November, the Times reported.

Freddy Ford, the former president's spokesman, on Monday pushed back against the report in the Times, calling it “completely made up.”

“President Bush is retired from presidential politics and has not indicated how he will vote,” Ford said.

Tensions between Trump and the Bush family have existed since the 2016 presidential campaign, when Jeb Bush vied for the Republican presidential nomination alongside Trump. Trump regularly disparaged him during the campaign, often referring to him as "low energy Jeb."

More recently, Trump targeted George W. Bush after the former president called on Americans to push partisanship aside amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Trump responded by calling out George W. Bush's failure to support him during the impeachment trial he faced earlier this year.

With national polling showing that Biden has gained a temporary edge, the Trump campaign is about to unleash its greatest weapon: Trump's signature MAGA campaign rallies.

We expect more high profile endorsements to be announced as these rallies are held across the nation.

Trump will bring his case for reelection straight to the American people!

George P Bush's endorsement of President Trump is sending shockwaves through the D.C. establishment.

There was endless hype over a New York Times article listing prominent Republicans who won't support Trump's reelection.

Among the list are Mitt Romney and George W. Bush:

It was one thing in 2016 for top Republicans to take a stand against Donald J. Trump for president: He wasn’t likely to win anyway, the thinking went, and there was no ongoing conservative governing agenda that would be endangered.

The 2020 campaign is different: Opposing the sitting president of your own party means putting policy priorities at risk, in this case appointing conservative judges, sustaining business-friendly regulations and cutting taxes — as well as incurring the volcanic wrath of Mr. Trump.

But, far sooner than they expected, growing numbers of prominent Republicans are debating how far to go in revealing that they won’t back his re-election — or might even vote for Joseph R. Biden Jr., the presumptive Democratic nominee. They’re feeling a fresh urgency because of Mr. Trump’s incendiary response to the protests of police brutality, atop his mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, according to people who spoke on the condition of anonymity to disclose private discussions.

Former President George W. Bush won’t support the re-election of Mr. Trump, and Jeb Bush isn’t sure how he’ll vote, say people familiar with their thinking. Senator Mitt Romney of Utah won’t back Mr. Trump and is deliberating whether to again write in his wife, Ann, or cast another ballot this November. Cindy McCain, the widow of Senator John McCain, is almost certain to support Mr. Biden but is unsure how public to be about it because one of her sons is eying a run for office.

And former Secretary of State Colin Powell announced on Sunday that he will vote for Mr. Biden, telling CNN that Mr. Trump “lies about things” and Republicans in Congress won’t hold him accountable. Mr. Powell, who voted for former President Barack Obama as well as Hillary Clinton, said he was close to Mr. Biden politically and socially and had worked with him for more than 35 years. “I’ll be voting for him,” he said.

While the media is focusing on Never-Trumpers who won't be voting for Trump, there are a high number of open-minded Republicans who will be supporting Trump... AGAIN!

George P. Bush is one of them.

We're excited to see what other HUGE endorsements are waiting around the corner!


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