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Parents Turn-In Their Own 20-Yr-Old Anarchist Son to Police After Amazon Co-Worker IDs Him


Well… turns out the apple sometimes DOES fall far from the tree.

Anarchist Jordan Bartels has been accused of inciting riots and violence in downtown Pittsburgh during a Black Lives Matter protest.

After he was ID'd on video by an Amazon co-worker, his parents were alarmed and turned him in.

Multiple videos showcase his parents escorting their anarchist son to the police station.

Good on them for doing the right thing!

More details on this below:

The official Pittsburgh Public Safety Twitter account published a photo of Jordan Bartels alongside videos that were going viral on social media.

A coworker from Amazon recognized Bartels immediately.

Here are the assets that helped lead to his ID and eventual surrender with his parents.

Bartels was accused of destroying city property, including vandalizing a police vehicle and encouraging other people to join in.

Prior to Bartels' instigation, the protest was going peacefully.

Not only is Bartels in trouble with the city of Pittsburgh. He now also faces federal charges.

Local Pittsburgh WTAE News has more details:

Brian Bartels is now facing federal charges in connection with his alleged actions during a protest last weekend, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Pittsburgh said Friday.

"Bartels, 20, has been charged with civil disorder for attempting to obstruct or interfere with law enforcement officers engaged in responding to the violent demonstration in Pittsburgh on May 30, 2020," said a statement from U.S. Attorney Scott Brady's office.

Bartels is suspected of spray-painting a police car outside PPG Paints Arena and smashing the windshield of the vehicle during what had been a peaceful protest over the death of George Floyd, Brady said. The police car was set on fire after others joined in, Brady said.

"His backpack loaded with rocks and spray paint, Bartels came to Saturday's protest in Pittsburgh to incite violence," Brady said in a video statement. "Bartels' actions turned an otherwise peaceful protest into a violent riot that resulted in an evening of destruction throughout downtown Pittsburgh.

"Anyone who would do the same should know this -- if you try to hijack a peaceful protest for your own violent agenda, we will use every tool at our disposal to find you and prosecute you."

It's a shame that so many of these violent protesters and rioters are so young.

What kind of indoctrination are they receiving in school and through pop culture to believe that this kind of behavior is acceptable?

If we don't get a handle on the narrative that schools are preaching to students, then it will have consequences for generations to come.

Bartels openly considers himself to be far "left."

Specifically, he's an anarchist!

In too many situations, the media and Democrats have attempted to blame Trump for the violence and looting.

But in case after case, many of those arrested and charged have turned out to be on the left.

The Post Gazette has more details on Bartels' political motivation to incite riots:

When the man accused of attacking a Pittsburgh police car last Saturday was interviewed by the FBI on Monday, he admitted to what he did, they said, telling the investigator that he prepared to participate in the march the day before by buying several cans of spray paint, and loading those and several rocks in his backpack.

“[Brian] Bartels’ explanation as to his motive for engaging in the destruction of the police vehicle was, in part, that he considers himself to be far ‘left,’ and that he had become fed up with incidents involving police mistreatment of citizens,” FBI Agent Matthew Dunleavy wrote in the affidavit.

Mr. Bartels explained it as a “[expletive] it” moment when he decided to destroy the police car.

Mr. Bartels is now charged in federal district court with obstruction of law enforcement during a civil disorder.

It is a felony punishable by up to a $250,000 fine and five years in prison.

The criminal complaint was filed Friday initially under seal.

“Bartels’s actions turned an otherwise peaceful protest into a violent riot that resulted in an evening of destruction throughout Downtown Pittsburgh,” said Scott Brady, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania. “Anyone who would do the same should know this — If you try to hijack a peaceful protest for your own violent agenda, we will use every tool at our disposal to find you and prosecute you.”

Mr. Bartels, 20, of Shaler had previously been charged by Pittsburgh police with one felony count each of criminal mischief, institutional vandalism and riot, along with misdemeanor counts of recklessly endangering another person.

The videos that authorities have featuring Bartels show that he pulled spray paint out of his backpack.

He also had other equipment used during the rioting and vandalism.

This suggests that he went to the protests with the intent of causing damage.

Several people tried to stop Bartels, but he continued vandalazing property, including the police vehicle.

If convicted, he could face a fine of $250,000 and up to 5 years in prison.


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