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Black Small Business Owner’s Office Destroyed: “They Looted A Black Man’s Office! Bunch of Punk Kids”


This man right here is Billy Gene.

You may not know him but in the world of online marketing he's fairly well known.

And successful.  

I've always been a fan of what he puts out and interested in his opinion on things, even though I don't always agree.  

His debates with Ryan Daniel Moran are great because they can take opposite sides of an issue and have a great, heartfelt and even animated discussion over it and remain friends at the end of the day.

So when I saw his business was destroyed by the violent looters and saw he made a video about it, I was really interested to see what he'd say.

Here is the video:

There are so many awesome points he makes in this short video.

First, I note that Billy Gene's office is is downtown San Diego.  

Not exactly the low rent district if you catch my drift!

That is a NICE area, and then man can afford it because he's very successful.  

So if you think you're immune to the violent rioting and looting?

You're not.

Also, if you think you're immune to it because you yourself are black?

Think again!

He can't even keep a straight face in the video when he says with dismay:  "this is supposed to be about Black Lives Matter....that's a black man's face right up there on the sign!"

And they looted him nonetheless.

Kinda makes you wonder if it's really about BLM and justice?  Or whether it's just an excuse to riot and loot and destroy businesses that good people have worked so hard for.

Also, I just have to say this....does it feel to anyone else like Small Businesses are under attack in America?

I mean what are the odds that a pandemic would arise that would force many small businesses to completely close for multiple months, meanwhile the behemoths like Walmart and Amazon stay open and take all the business? 

And then as if that wasn't enough, right when they can finally start opening up again, then they get attacked by violent mobs and windows busted to pieces and everything inside looted?

What are the odds that all happens organically back to back?

And in an election year?

Hell of a coincidence I guess.  

Or perhaps someone or some group of people out there really do not like the middle class and they really do not like small business owners.

Nah....that couldn't be the case.

By the way, speaking of the 'Rona, did that go away?

Did we just stop doing that?

Because I thought when Republicans wanted to protest peacefully in Michigan it was completely shut down due to the 'Rona, but now I see these huge violent riots all across America and they are ok?



Is anyone awake and thinking for themselves?

Or are we just sheep?  Baaaaaaaa.

Time to wake up America.  


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