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Leftist Protester Struck and Killed By FedEx Truck


One death from this situation was enough.

Now we’re facing even more.

A St. Louis FedEx driver, fearing for his own life and the cargo he carried, accidentally ran over and killed a protester.

The driver was forced to divert his route after protesters blocked the freeway.

As he drove through the streets, he was stopped by protesters who then attempted to enter the vehicle.

The Mercury News reports on the matter:

A man was killed after being dragged by a FedEx truck overnight in downtown St. Louis during a night of protests, police said Saturday.

The incident happened near N. Broadway and O’Fallon shortly after 3:00 a.m. The man was taken to a hospital where he later died, police said.

Police said the truck was forced off Interstate 70 due to protesters on the roadway. The truck got off onto North Broadway, heading toward Cass. While on N. Broadway, police said, the driver stopped the truck due to more protesters in the road.

Bystander Jared Arms captured a video of protesters blocking off a section of the road with their cars and setting something on fire when the FedEx truck approached. As it came to a halt, a crowd of protesters surrounded the front of the truck and began banging and climbing onto the passenger side. Police said two people standing on the passenger side footboard of the truck pointed guns at the driver.

Demonstrators were also seen running off with packages from the truck.

The truck driver, fearing for his safety police said, sounded his horn then drove off.

“I was standing on the side of the pavement and I started to notice a crowd go to the truck, so when I went over there, I heard people say there’s a guy trapped under the tire,” said Arms.

Cries of “back the truck up” and “someone is under the truck” can be heard from Arms’ video. A man, who was seen standing between the truck’s two trailers, was dragged by the semi truck just moments later. Police said the driver did not know the victim was there.

The man was caught by the semi’s tire, pulled under and ran over, police said. His name has not been released by police.

“With the video, you can clearly see the people at the doors are only going up because they were trying to tell him somebody was stuck not to open it and try to beat him up and things like that,” said Arms.

Demonstrators tried to chase after the driver but weren’t able to catch up to the truck.

It’s sad that the protester lost his life, but if they had simply left the truck alone, he would still be walking around.

It begs the question, where is all of this violence taking us to?

A place of division and resentment.

Here’s some of the reactions on Twitter to the situation:

Illicit Info ran the following opinion piece on the protester’s death:

‘Protesters’  were going crazy in Minneapolis.

They tried blocking the road with their cars. A FedEx truck hauling twin pups using a dolly tried to make his way through the crowd even as they were looting the rear pup.

One man jumped up on the dolly connecting the two pups. He got hung up and he was dragged to his death. There is suspicion that the driver could not see the man being dragged, as he was likely out of his field of view.

A reconstruction team was called in to investigate. It’s a sad thing when anyone dies but he jumped on the dolly without realizing the danger he put himself in.

There have now been 4 or 5 instances where rioters met with people driving through them instead of stopping.

This is the fifth night of rioting and then mayor has all but surrendered to the mob so I would expect more of them same tonight.

The thing I find as funny is the crowds denouncing Trump and Republicans when most of these police shootings are occurring in liberal cities controlled by Democrat leaders.

Looting FedEx trucks will not solve problems.

Destroying businesses, many of which are owned by black people, will not bring change.

Continue down this path, and all we will encounter is more death and destruction.

Watch the video of the FedEx truck traversing the protest here:


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