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RALLY FLASHBACK: Red Wave Growing: Videos Show Massive Overflow for Trump Charlotte Rally



Welcome to another installment of our Rally Flashback series!

Since President Trump can’t hold his MAGA Rallies due to the ‘Rona, we’re doing the next best thing….

We’re flashing back to some of his greatest hits.

The biggest crowds.

The highest energy.

Relive the moment and watch vintage Donald Trump doing what he does best….hosting one of the biggest and best parties you can attend…..a MAGA Rally!

Tonight’s feature is from right before the lockdown started.

How interesting that after the ‘Rona we can’t gather in large crowds anymore.

And can’t go to church.

Funny….I guess no MAGA Rallies and no going to church benefits who?


Please enjoy this flashback to saner, normal times.

Enthusiasm. Is. GROWING.

Charlotte, North Carolina showed up big time for President Trump.

The Bojangles’ Coliseum was packed to capacity and thousands were in overflow, watching the rally outside on giant screens.

Video clips are emerging, showing just how big the crowd was.

There was a momentary question in the air… Will the media’s fear-mongering around the coronavirus impact attendance at Trump rallies?

Not if the people of North Carolina have anything to say about it!

Take a look at the lines hours before the rally began!

While the Bojangles Coliseum was packed to capacity, thousands of voters braved the cold and watched the rally from outside.

Exactly how many people attended the rally?

Well, the number differs on the source that you visit.

What we know for sure is that the coliseum was packed to capacity and thousands more were in overflow.

Heavy has more details from local news and local authorities estimating the number of attendees:

President Donald Trump visited Charlotte, North Carolina for a Monday night rally on March 2, 2020 — the day before the Democrats’ Super Tuesday primaries for the 2020 Presidential nomination. North Carolina is one of the states hosting a primary on Tuesday. The venue with a capacity for more than 10,000 was packed and overflow space was needed.

The Bojangles’ Coliseum’s capacity differs depending on the source you consult. According to Bojangles’ website, the coliseum has a capacity of 10,829, which includes seating for 8,600. WBTV reported that the Coliseum holds about 9,600. Charlotte Observer reported that almost 10,000 people were at the rally.

Trump’s North Carolina “Keep America Great” rally started at 7 p.m. Eastern on March 2 at the Bojangles’ Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina.

His rally took place the night before Super Tuesday. Trump told the crowd: “We like to go the night before one of their primaries. We like to do a little trolling.”

During the rally, Trump talked about creating 219,000 more jobs in North Carolina since his election. “We have lifted 10 million people off welfare, including 7 million off food stamps,” he said.

Trump joked about the Democratic candidates, saying that Bloomberg is “a disaster waiting to happen. He’s a mess.” He also said the Democratic election was rigged against Bernie Sanders, and predicted that the Republicans would win with a landslide. “They’re staging a coup against Bernie,” he told the crowd.

The pictures don't lie...

The crowd was HUGE!

Take a look at these pictures inside the arena as well as the overflow crowd:

Charlotte happens to be the location of the Republican Convention later this summer.

Trump's campaign rally is a nice warm-up for what is sure to be an even more fired up convention!

During the rally, Trump talked on many issues, ranging from the stock market to the coronavirus.

The crowd had nothing but love for the president!

Local news WCNC reports:

In addition to talking about the primary, Trump also addressed the growing concern over the spread of the coronavirus, Trump said his administration was taking steps to combat the threat.

“We are doing everything in our power to keep sick and infected people from coming into or country,” he said.

The President is expected to make several return visits to North Carolina ahead of the November election, including in August when Charlotte will be the site of the Republican Convention.

Tuesday sees the largest number of delegates pledged in a single day throughout the primary election cycle.

As the Democrat circus continues, Republicans continue to rally around the president.

Keep visiting our website for updates on future rallies.


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