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Texas Supreme Court Delivers Trump Another “Big Win,” Blocks Expanded Vote-By-Mail


The Texas Supreme Court has just delivered President Trump ANOTHER massive victory.

In a ruling, the court blocked efforts to expand voting by mail efforts in the state.

Proponents of vote-by-mail efforts attempted to claim that COVID-19 was the same as a "disability."

However, the high Texan court ruled that COVID-19 is not the same as a disability according to the state's Election Code.

Therefore, they blocked the effort to expand mail-in voting in the state!

More details on this breakin development below:

Democrats are eying to turn Texas into a "purple" state.

Talks of Texas going Democrat increased after Senator Ted Cruz barely beat Beto O'Rourke to keep his Senate seat.

Vote-by-mail would call into question the results of a "purple" Texas, if such a situation arose.

There are concerns that mail-in voting leads to increaesd risk of voter fraud as well as ballot harvesting.

Reuters confirms that the court blocked mail-in balloting for Texans:

The Texas Supreme Court blocked on Wednesday a decision that allowed mail-in balloting for voters who feared for their health because of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

“We agree with the state that a voter’s lack of immunity to COVID-19, without more, is not a ‘disability’ as defined by the Election Code,” Chief Justice Nathan Hecht said in a ruling.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who had argued for the state in the case, welcomed the decision and said it was incorrect to include fear of contracting COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, as a “disability” on mail-in ballot applications.

“In-person voting is the surest way to maintain the integrity of our elections, prevent voter fraud and guarantee that every voter is who they claim to be,” Paxton, a Republican, said.

Republicans, including U.S. President Donald Trump, have said mail-in voting is susceptible to rigging.

Trump said on Twitter the court’s decision was a big win and labeled mail-in voting “dangerous” and a “scam”.

Democrats spent the last 3 years investigating alleged Trump-Russia collusion.

You'd think they'd be the first ones in line for voter ID and against mail-in voting to ensure the integrity of our elections.

However, Democrats are more likely than Republicans to support vote-by-mail efforts, which create logistical and security challenges.

Even if it was possible to ensure security of vote-by-mail, we are less than half a year away from a national election.

Do Democrats really think that they can standardize and roll-out a national vote-by-mail system?

They attempted a new system during the Iowa caucus, which delayed the official results by WEEKS.

They bragged about the new technology, but it turned out to be a NIGHTMARE on election day.

This is just a preview of what would happen if they got their way with vote by mail.

The Hill confirms the court's ruling:

The Texas Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a lack of coronavirus immunity alone does not allow voters to qualify for mail-in voting.

The all-Republican court agreed with Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s interpretation of the state's voting laws in saying that fear of contracting the coronavirus is not a “disability” and therefore all self-identified able-bodied people living in the state must gather at a polling location.

“We agree with the State that a voter’s lack of immunity to COVID-19, without more, is not a ‘disability’ as defined by the Election Code,” the court wrote.

Per Texas election law, only people who are 65 years or older, disabled, living outside their county during the election period or in jail are eligible for mail-in voting.

Texas election code defines a disability as a condition that would not allow a voter to gather at the polls without “injuring the voter’s health.” However, voters determine that on their own when filling out a mail-in ballot and are not obligated to specify what disability they are claiming.

The state also ruled that local election officials can distribute mail-in ballots to people who fear appearing at polls because they lack immunity to the virus.

While Democrats may attempt to trash the decision as "political," the reality is that COVID-19 is not a disability.

Politically AND medically speaking, a disability is completely different from COVID-19.

This bill truly deserved to be blocked regardless of your view on vote-by-mail.

And that's a fact.


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