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Fire and Fury: At Least THIRTY Massive Fires from Minneapolis Riots; 189-Unit Low Income Housing Burned Down


Minneapolis is burning as rioters wreak havoc over the death of George Floyd.

At least THIRTY different fires have been confirmed by local fire departments, including a 189-unit for affordable housing.

Shocking pictures and videos have gone viral on social media as riots intensify.

It appears that people are so upset over the death of George Floyd that they are willingly setting their neighborhoods on fire and looting their local stores.

See some of the disturbing footage below:

But it wasn't just fires.

Rioters showed up to police precincts and began destroying police vehicles as well as the police station.

Other videos show people looting stores such as target.

The death of George Floyd re-ignited the Black Lives Matter movement in Minneapolis after a white police officer was recorded with his knee on Floyd's neck for 9 minutes.

The offending officer has since been fired.

But riots have overtaken the city.

Minnesota's Star Tribune confirms that the fires also destroyed a 189-unit affordable housing development:

The under construction affordable housing development that burned in the widespread violence in south Minneapolis late Wednesday and early Thursday was to be a six-story rental building with 189 apartments for low-income renters, including more than three dozen for very low-income tenants.

Construction began last fall on Midtown Corner, and was expected to completed and ready for occupancy this year. Late Wednesday the wood-framed upper floors of the building were fully engulfed in flames, with thick plumes of smoke that figured prominently in widely viewed photos of the riots. By Thursday morning, what had been an active construction site, was reduced to a pile of smoldering ashes atop what was left of the concrete first-floor commercial space.

The redevelopment project was on the site of the former Rainbow Foods grocery store at Lake Street and Hiawatha in south Minneapolis.

The developer, Twin Cities-based Wellington Management, declined to comment Thursday on the fate of the project.

Wellington has done several income-restricted rental projects throughout the Twin Cities on difficult-to-redevelop sites, including offices and an apartment building that are under construction along Penn Avenue in north Minneapolis.

Wellington has been a prolific developer and investor in the area for more than a decade. Over the years the company has developed several rental buildings in the Lake and Hiawatha corridor, and has also invested in commercial projects including the Greenway Office Building and the Hi-Lake Shopping Center.

Its redevelopment projects in that area included 11,000 square feet of retail and the 24,000 square foot space that’s occupied by Aldi, which moved into the space in November 2018.

The fire also heavily damaged 7-Sigma, a high-tech manufacturing company that’s occupied a low-rise industrial building across the street from the Midtown Corner site for more than 30 years. The entire roof and upper floors of that brick building was destroyed, and water spilled out of broken windows on the lower floors as firefighters continued dousing the building with water early Thursday.

The city has experienced riots and non-stop fires for two days.

It is unclear if more violence is expected tonight.

Aside from fires, looting has been terrible in Minneapolis.

The police force is stretched thin, and they are likely being over-cautious to avoid any unintended killings.

Rather than calmly mourning the death of George Floyd or following the peaceful example of Martin Luther King Jr., many "protestors" have turned to robbery.

PJ Media reports that rioters are so angry with the unjustified police killing that they are stealing baby clothes and air fryers from Target:

There’s a great deal to be upset about regarding the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers under color of authority, but it’s quite another thing for protesters to turn into rioters and steal stuff under cover of righteous indignation.

That’s what happened in Minneapolis Wednesday night after Police Chief Medaria Arradondo announced that four police officers involved in the stop on Sunday night were fired.

Floyd died in custody Sunday night after getting stopped for forgery. Floyd was held down at his neck by an officer using his knee. Onlookers recorded the hold for minutes as Floyd protested he couldn’t breathe and eventually passed out. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Protesters staked out an area in front of the local police precinct across the street from the Target store. Riot police held off the crowd with their bicycles, flash bangs, and pepper spray.

Protesters broke off into riotous mobs who smashed their way into Target where looters stole every imaginable thing.

The rioters’ righteous anger impelled them to grab … yes, that’s an air fryer in that photo above. Nothing says f*ck the police like frying up some grub or, as one woman did, grabbing baby clothes. Another guy must have checked out a friend’s wedding registry before rioting because he walked out with several sets of bedding. That, or he was planning to stay all night and needed, you know, a blanket or five.

No wonder the National Guard is being called into Minneapolis!

The city is beginning to resemble more of a war zone than a city that is supposed to be observing social distancing.

Indeed, Minneapolis shows the difference in how the media treats liberal causes vs. conservative ones.

When PEACEFUL protesters demonstrated in Michigan over Governor Whitmer's draconian orders, the media criticized protesters for using guns (which were never fired!).

However, when riots literally destroy Minneapolis, the coverage appears to be treated with "kid gloves" by the media.

The UK Sun confirms that the help of the National Guard has been requested:

Minneapolis city authorities have requested assistance from the National Guard as the unrest looks set to continue, reports KSTP.

Mayor Jacob Frey has called for calm amid the violence as he pleaded "I understand the anger and pain".

He said: "Please, please Minneapolis. We cannot let tragedy beget more tragedy. The activity around Lake and Hiawatha is now unsafe.

"Please, help us keep the peace. Stay safe and evacuate the area.

"We appreciate those that protested peacefully but now is the time to go home. Obviously, we have both instances of violence and fires.

"There are institutions, grocery stores and markets around Lake, that our community relies on - especially in times of a pandemic"

The rioting also turned fatal as one man was killed, with reports he was a looter shot by a store owner.

Just as we pray for justice, we also pray for peace.

The scenario in Minneapolis shows exactly how upside down our world is.

Do to COVID-19, you could be arrested for opening your business. 

But in Minneapolis, you won't be arrested for looting one (if the videos indicate anything about it).

It's time for the media to responsibly report these stories rather than fanning the flames of violence and destruction.


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