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Jindal Accuses Dems of Being “Willing to Crush the American Economy” to Beat Trump


Radical Democrats want to beat President Trump so badly that they're "willing to crush the American economy to do it," former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said on Tuesday.

Jindal's comments come as states wrestle with whether to safely reopen their economies or to indefinitely remain closed.

Many "red states" such as Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and Ohio are safely reopening their economies.

Meanwhile, blue states are remaining closed, leading many conservatives to worry that red states will have to bail out blue states in the future.

Jindal's comments shouldn't come as a surprise.

Prominent Democrats including Bill Maher have openly wished for the economy to crash so that they can defeat President Trump.

See Maher's distasteful wish below:

Governor Jindal predicts that the faster people are able to safely return to work, the less debt the government will incur for bailouts.

Jindal also slammed the Democrats for using the crisis to push their agenda to radically "transform" the United States with their partisan policies.

Newsmax has more details on Jindal's claim that Democrats are willing to destroy the economy to beat Trump:

Democrats want to beat President Trump so badly that they are "willing to crush the American economy to do it," former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Tuesday while calling for the end of bailouts for blue states after the coronavirus pandemic.

"We don't need to be bailing out failed blue states," the one-time Republican presidential candidate said on Fox News' "Fox and Friends." "We need to get Americans back to work. Nancy Pelosi, she passed a $3 trillion bloated bill. In that bill was almost a trillion dollars, over $900 billion to help bailout these blue states, these blue mayors."

But the faster people get back to work in a safe way, the less money they'll need from the government, said Jindal.

He also slammed Democrats for their push to use the pandemic to "transform" the United States with their agenda, bringing up the $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill that the House recently passed.

The bill, with its focus on spending, gives states incentives to keep their economies closed, Jindal added.

“What you’re seeing is states like California saying we’re going to give millions of dollars to illegal immigrants," Jindal said. "You’re seeing states like Illinois saying we want $10 billion to bail out our pensions, programs that had problems even before the coronavirus."

Meanwhile, states run by Democrats are reopening more slowly than states run by Republicans, Jindal said.

Indeed, blue states also appear to be suffering more deaths from COVID-19 than red states.

The mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis appears to be coming from mostly Democratic Governors.

Compare that to President Trump, who acted swiftly and decisively to secure the borders with travelers from China, slowing the virus's inevitable spread.

Jindal is also slamming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for stuffing the coronavirus stimulus bills with partisan pork.

Rather than prioritizing the lives and livelihoods of the American people, it appears that Democrats are "bloating" the bills to pass their agenda that they couldn't pass otherwise.

Fox News has more details on Jindal's criticism of Democrats' handling of the pandemic:

“What you’re seeing is incentives for [Democrats] to keep their economies closed,” Jindal said.

“What you’re seeing is states like California saying we’re going to give millions of dollars to illegal immigrants, you’re seeing states like Illinois saying we want 10 billion dollars to bail out our pensions, programs that had problems even before the coronavirus,” Jindal said.

Jindal reacted to a Wall Street Journal op-ed "The Blue State Lockdown Blues" that argued that Democrat-run states keeping their economies closed could slow down the national economic recovery.

"The state lockdowns are starting to ease and the U.S. economy should slowly begin to recover. But it’s worth noting that the states opening most slowly are big states run by Democrats that represent something like a third of the U.S. economy. This means a slower recovery for those states and the U.S."

"It’s been nearly 10 weeks since the Democratic governors of California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois ordered all businesses in their states to shut down save those they deemed essential. Job losses in these states have been especially severe because of their strict lockdowns."

“We know the Democrats, all they want to do is to beat President Trump in November [and] they’re willing to crush the American economy to do that,” Jindal said.

“Even after we have a vaccine, even after we’ve cured and gotten past this virus, we need to have a strong vibrant economy to come back to. We won’t have that by spending trillions of dollars we don’t have, we won’t have that by borrowing money from China.”

He is exactly right!

Fortunately, more and more people are waking up to the Democrats' schemes.

They may have been able to get away with it in the past, but thanks to the internet, conservatives are able to bypass traditional media to get the truth out to the public.

We hope to see more of Jindal's insight into the issues in the future!

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