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Obama to Snub Presidential Portrait Ceremony While Trump is In Office, Reports Say


The next time one of your liberal friends accuses President Trump of behaving like a child, show them this article.

A new report from NBC News reveals that President Obama will SNUB the traditional Presidential portrait unveiling as long as Trump is president.

The ceremonial portrait unveiling is a rite of passage for former presidents.

But according to the new report, “Obama, for his part, has no interest in participating in the post-presidency rite of passage so long as Trump is in office, the people familiar with the matter said.”

To put it into perspective, if and WHEN President Trump wins reelection, this means Obama won’t return to the White House until 2025 to see his portrait displayed.

If the portrait unveiling is skipped, it will be the first time in decades that this has happened.

More details below:

Of course, the media will use any event to bash President Trump.

Obama clearly stated he has NO interest in attending the portrait unveiling as long as Trump is President.

This means that even if President Trump issued Obama a formal invitation, it would be declined.

Multiple sources confirm that Obama has "no interest" in attending a ceremony hosted by President Trump.


How do the media choose to cover this story?

With an anti-Trump spin...

Take a look at these headlines:

Business Insider: Trump is refusing to unveil Obama's portrait at the White House, breaking a 40-year tradition

Daily Beast: Trump Won’t Be Unveiling Obama White House Portrait, Says Report

CNN: Obama White House portrait unveiling not expected as Trump accuses him of crime

Surprise, surprise... the anti-Trump media has somehow spun this story to criticize President Trump!

But the TRUE story is that President Obama has "no interest" in the portrait unveiling simply because Donald Trump is in the White House!

Fortunately, the internet makes it possible for us to get the TRUTH out to everyone!

We no longer need to go through the filter of CNN, NBC, and other media outlets.

US News confirms that Obama will snub the ceremony and wait until 2025:

FORMER PRESIDENT BARACK Obama will forgo the unveiling of his presidential portrait in the White House as President Donald Trump ramps up attacks on his record.

It is a long-held White House tradition that a first-term president hosts a ceremony to unveil the official portrait of his immediate predecessor that will hang in the building. However, people familiar with the matter told NBC News that Obama will skip the unveiling of his portrait.

Additionally, if Trump wins a second term in November, it could be 2025 before Obama visits the White House to see his portrait displayed among the other past presidents. The sources say the former president has no interest in the tradition as long as Trump occupies the Oval Office.

A portrait of the former first lady is also unveiled.

As news of this development broke, many conservative comedians had their own takes on Obama's portrait:

The House Hourse portrait ceremony has been observed between presidents from both parties for decades.

Now that corruption under the Obama administration has been exposed by the Trump administration, the former president is wanting to steer clear of the White House.

CNN reports that Trump White House officials had reached out to Obama's team, but a date was never formally approved:

An administration official said there have been some discussions between the White House and Obama's team to hang the portrait but no date was ever officially scheduled.

"Presidential portrait unveilings are one of the three events that bring former presidents together. This level of animosity between a sitting president and his predecessors is unprecedented in modern history," Kate Andersen Brower, author of "Team of Five: The Presidents Club in the Age of Trump," told CNN.

Trump and Obama have met only once in person since Inauguration Day, at the funeral for former President George H.W. Bush in December 2018. They shook hands briefly at the start of the service but didn't interact for the remainder of the day.

The chilly encounter encapsulated Trump's uneasy position in the President's Club, which is typically marked by apolitical comity even between onetime political rivals.

Brower asked Trump in an Oval Office interview whether he would go to the opening of Obama's presidential library, which is still years away.

"He probably wouldn't invite me. Why should he?" Trump said, Brower writes in her book.

One of the traditional set-pieces of the club is the portrait unveiling in the White House East Room, which in the past has occurred sometime in a new president's first term. 

Obama hosted George W. Bush in 2012; Bush hosted Bill Clinton in 2004; Clinton hosted George H.W. Bush in 1995; and the elder Bush hosted Ronald Reagan in 1989.

First ladies also attend the ceremony and their portraits are unveiled as well.

This news comes just days after former President Obama has broken his 3 year silence.

Obama recently criticized Trump's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has saved countless tens of thousands of lives.

Trump secured the border with China even as the Democrats were focused on impeaching him.

Furthermore, if the Obama administration truly spied and undermined the Trump campaign and administration as evidence suggests, then no wonder Obama has such hard feelings against Trump!


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