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House Dems Warn Supreme Court They May Try Impeaching Trump Again


Can the Democrats PLEASE just move on?

We're in the middle of a national — an international — pandemic.

Millions of Americans have lost their job.

We have an election just a few months away…

And yet, all the Democrats can do is focus on impeaching President Trump… AGAIN?!

Seriously, a new report from USA Today reveals that House Democrats told the Supreme Court that they may attempt impeaching Trump a second time.


They want grand jury evidence from the Russian probe.

Seriously, this Russia gimmick is getting old.

More details on the House Dems' latest political maneuver below:

Even as the U.S. struggles to reopen amid an international pandemic, House Democrats are moving forward with a second probe.

That's right: they're not just threatening a second impeachment.

They are taking active steps to lay the groundwork for another case against President Trump.

According to the USA Today, House Dems told the Supreme Court that they are continuing to investigate and seek "evidence" related to Trump-Russia collusion:

House Democrats told the Supreme Court that it needs grand jury evidence from the Russia probe as they continue to investigate whether President Donald Trump had committed additional impeachable offenses.

In a court filing Monday, the House Judiciary Committee said the secret grand jury evidence gathered by former special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation "is central" to its inquiry into possible obstruction of justice by the president. "If this material reveals new evidence supporting the conclusion that President Trump committed impeachable offenses ... the Committee will proceed accordingly – including, if necessary, by considering whether to recommend new articles of impeachment," Douglas Letter, the House's general counsel, wrote.

Letter said the committee is also looking into improper political influence in the Justice Department's handling of the cases of Roger Stone and Michael Flynn, two presidential allies who were indicted as a result of the Mueller investigation.

The Justice Department has argued the House committee isn't entitled to grand jury evidence, saying it has failed to explain which specific testimony it needs access to or how it would help its investigation into potential obstruction by the president.

"Not only does the public have an interest in protecting grand-jury secrecy, but (the House committee) has provided no basis to conclude that it has urgent need of the requested materials for a hypothetical second impeachment," Solicitor Noel Francisco wrote.

House Democrats and the Justice Department have been locked in a legal battle over the grand jury evidence. In March, a federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., ruled that the House committee is entitled to the evidence. The Justice Department has asked the Supreme Court to review the lower court's ruling.

Letter told the Supreme Court that the committee still needs the grand jury material even if the impeachment proceedings, which focused on the Trump administration's dealings with Ukraine, have concluded.

"The Committee’s investigation did not cease with the conclusion of the impeachment trial," Letter wrote.

Ummm... the conclusion of the impeachment trial should have been the end of it.

Trump was vindicated!

Yet... Democratic leaders can't get over their bitter loss in 2016.

It's time to move on and focus on the challenges facing America TODAY!

Instead of obstructing Trump and undermining his administration, they should work together for the good of the American people!

Truly, a second impeachment attempt shouldn't surprise anyone.

The House has already launched investigations into the Trump administration's handling of the COVID-19 crisis... even as we're in the midst of the crisis itself!

These left-wing radicals will find ANY excuse to investigate and villainize the president.

Breitbart confirms that the House made a legal filing for grand jury materials related to Trump-Russia "collusion": 

House Democrats told the Supreme Court on Monday they need access to secret grand jury materials because they are still investigating President Donald Trump in connection with Russia “collusion” and may want to impeach him, again.

In a legal filing published by CNN, Democrats said that they need the grand jury materials because the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry into Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice in the Russia investigation is ongoing.

The Democrat-run House seeks “disclosure to the House Committee on the Judiciary of a limited set of grand-jury materials for use in the Committee’s ongoing Presidential impeachment investigation,” the Supreme Court filing says.

The saga began in 2019, when Special Counsel Robert Mueller determined that there had been no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. When he released his report, however, Mueller submitted two volumes — one on the collusion investigation, and one on a separate obstruction of justice investigation. Though he made no recommendation for prosecution, Democrats seized on the latter as providing the basis for potentially impeaching Trump for obstruction.

Democrats also claimed that certain redactions in the report must have hidden relevant information — though they declined to read a less redacted version. They also demanded access to material that Mueller had shown a grand jury. Normally grand jury proceedings are secret, and so Attorney General William Barr, citing federal law, declined the Democrats’ request. They then held him in contempt of Congress, and took their case for the materials to federal court.

The case made its way through the courts, and Democrats won at the D.C. Circuit. The Department of Justice appealed to the Supreme Court on May 7, and Chief Justice Roberts put a temporary hold on the grand jury materials on May 8.

The fact that the Democrats would rather attempt to impeach Trump (AGAIN!) rather than focus on the election tells you everything you need to know about Joe Biden.

That's right...

The Democrats know that Sleepy Joe can't win.

Even with the COVID-19 crisis and the negative media coverage, Trump is as strong and successful as ever.

Instead of rallying around Sleepy Joe, who they know can't defeat Trump, it looks like they're preparing to try they're hand at impeachment yet again.

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