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Former Obama Aide, Top Biden Aide Jenn Ridder Doubts Joe’s Ability to Beat Trump in November


Morale isn't looking too good in Joe Biden's campaign.

One of Biden's top aides, Jenn Ridder, has expressed concern over Biden's ability to beat Trump in November.

Ridder was also a former Obama aide, serving on both his 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

A memo that Ridder wrote in September 2019 has been leaked to the public.

In it, she writes, "At the same time, there is a growing fear that the candidates promising revolutions are out of step with general election voters while others fear Vice President Biden may be unable to take down Trump."

In the memo, Ridder also criticized the Democratic National Committee for appearing to interfere in the primaries and tilt them towards Biden.

More details on Ridder's dire prediction below:

Ridder wrote the memo for high profile Democratic donors and influencers.

She was working on the presidential campaign for Democratic Montana Governor Steve Bullock, which was suspended in December 2019.

With that in mind, it's clear that she's well aware of the dynamics of leftist donors and the powerplays within the party.

This gives more credence to her prediction that Biden would be unable to talk down Trump.

The Western Journal reports:

But while working for Bullock last September, Ridder made a particularly astute assessment of Biden that shows she might be knowledgeable beyond her experience with regard to national campaigning, and in particular, the challenges facing Biden.

She expressed concern to Bullock’s donors that Biden might not be able to beat Trump in a general election matchup.

Attempting to salvage Bullock’s sinking campaign, Ridder sent a memo to his donors warning that Biden and the party’s far-left candidates might not be able to mount campaigns strong enough to defeat Trump in 2020.

“Again and again, we hear from Democratic primary voters that the most important quality in a candidate is their ability to beat Trump next November,” she wrote in the September 2019 memo attempting to inspire donors, CNN reported at the time.

Ridder continued, evaluating Biden as potentially not having the goods.

“At the same time, there is a growing fear that the candidates promising revolutions are out of step with general election voters while others fear Vice President Biden may be unable to take down Trump,” she wrote.

The memo made it clear that in Ridder’s mind, Biden might be doomed to lose, and that Democrats needed an electable alternative.

She went also after the Democratic National Committee in the memo for allegedly interfering in the primary.

“The DNC inserted itself in this process in an unprecedented way,” Ridder wrote in her plea to Bullock’s donors. “But Governor Bullock has always trusted voters (especially those in the early states) to make a careful and deliberate decision.”

Bullock dropped out after his message failed to to resonate with voters, and Ridder moved on.

With no Democratic alternative available to take on Trump, Ridder is now working for a man she she previously said might not be up to the task of challenging the president.

She has also now embraced the Democratic establishment which pushed out other candidates to make room for the victories that have made Biden the party’s presumptive nominee, by virtue of the fact that she is being paid to campaign on behalf of Biden.

As one of Biden's top aides, Ridder's concern take on new meaning, especially as more mainstream outlets are openly questioning Biden's mental acumen for the job.

Over the last few weeks, the state of Biden's mental accuity has been called into question.

He's had a pattern of undefendable gaffes that are alarming to observers.

See below:

Biden's campaign is far behind Trump's re-election campaign.

In 2016, Trump ran a bare-bones political campaign that was able to take down one of the most established political dynasties in American history.

Now, Trump's campaign is fully funded and fully organized.

Biden is scrambling to catch up, which is why his campaign hired Jenn Ridder to be his battleground states director.

The Hill has more details on Biden's catch-up plan:

Democrats have acknowledged that they have a long way to go to match President Trump’s digital campaign. Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale has described their digital efforts as the “Death Star.”

But Democrats are hopeful the new round of hires will start to turn things around and will help Biden avoid embarrassing rollouts, such as last Thursday’s glitch-prone virtual rally in Florida.

The campaign is also growing in the battleground states.

- Jenn Ridder, the former campaign manager for Montana Gov. Steve Bullock’s (D) presidential bid, will be battleground states director.

- Molly Ritner, who led Biden’s Super Tuesday efforts during the primary, will be the campaign’s deputy states director.

- Saloni Multani, a partner at a venture capital firm in California, will act as chief financial officer under Manu Varghese, the campaign’s chief operating officer.

- Deanna Nesburg, the former treasurer for Harris’s presidential campaign, will be a senior adviser for financial operations.

Though polling shows Biden leading Trump in nationwide head-to-head matchups, it's important to note that the polls said the same thing in 2016.

Furthermore, as the first few months have shown us in 2020, the political equation can be upended in a heartbeat.

This race is far from over. 

It's only just begun!


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