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Amy Klobuchar Threatens “Wrath” On Republicans If They Don’t Fund Vote-By-Mail in Coronavirus Stimulus


Senator Amy Klobuchar threatened on Sunday that if Republicans do not fund vote-by-mail in the next coronavirus stimulus package, they will face "wrath" by voters.

Klobuchar is yet the latest Democratic leader to join the left-wing chorus of calls to enact mail-in voting, which many fear could lead to ballot harvesting.

The Minnesota Democrat's comments come as Joe Biden is searching for his vice presidential running mate.

Biden has vowed that he will pick a woman.

Klobuchar's name is often mentioned as one of the leading contenders for Biden's VP pick.

In an interview with Al Sharpton, Klobuchar said, "The people are with us, Al."

She warned that if Republicans vote against vote-by-mail, they will face "wrath" in the elections.

More details on Klobuchar's warning below:

After three years of investigation Russian interference in the U.S. Presidential election, Democrats are still against the policy of Voter ID.

Voter ID would ensure that only qualified American citizens are able to vote in the presidential election.

Vote-by-mail methodologies have more opportunities for bad actors to rig votes, especially in areas where ballot harvesting happens.

Breitbart has more on Klobuchar's warning to Republicans:

Offer states vote-by-mail or else says Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN).

That was the message from the Minnesota Democrat during an appearance on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show on Sunday. According to Klobuchar, making funds available was necessary given the threat of COVID-19, and therefore funding must be included in future coronavirus legislation.

“We’ve got to get this done in this next package to get funding to the states so that you don’t have that situation where people in garbage bags and homemade masks are standing in line in the rain like we saw in Wisconsin while the President of the United States could simply request a mail-in ballot from Palm Beach, Florida, and vote in the luxury of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” she said. 


“The people are with us, Al,” Klobuchar continued. “They’re with us in swing states in North Carolina and in Iowa. They’re with us in states that understand that with Republican governors, as well, everyone — no matter what your political persuasion — you should be able to vote safely. And so, it’s going to be wrath on my Republican colleagues if they do not allow for some funding to make sure that Americans can vote safely. Our state and local governments don’t have the money right now around the country, and that’s what’s going to be this big fight coming up in this next legislative package. We have to protect our very democracy.”

Klobuchar's interview with Al Sharpton can be viewed below:

The former presidential candidate is just one of many women who appear to be jockeying for a pick as Joe Biden's running mate.

Biden has pledged that he will pick a woman to run as his VP.

According to the New York Post, Klobuchar has hired powerbrokers to help position herself for the job:

Joe Biden’s promise to choose a woman as his running mate for the 2020 presidential election has ignited a fierce behind-the-scenes battle among some of the nation’s most high-profile female leaders for the potentially historic job.

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, widely considered to be among the frontrunners, has been in regular talks with Democratic powerbroker Guy Cecil, sources say.

Cecil, a veteran of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, currently heads the powerful Priorities USA Action super-PAC. Though they can’t coordinate with Biden directly, the PAC will likely offer tens of millions of dollars in unofficial assistance to Biden’s run.

“He is a Democratic gatekeeper. If you look at the race for the White House or the vice presidency, he’s a critical game piece,” said one insider familiar with the matter. “He has access to every Rolodex, every bundler, every politician. He’s a one stop shop.”

“He’s talked to her, she’s talked to him, but she’s shoveling in support with the Democratic establishment,” the insider continued.

Klobuchar has also proven to be a prodigious fundraiser. A May 5 virtual event with Biden netted at least $1.5 million, with the campaign enticing big donors by floating Klobuchar to them as “a potential next VP.”

Klobucha, who has mostly stayed out of the spotlight since exiting the Democratic primaries, has suddenly been making headlines again.

Her threat is her most recent controversial statement.

Could this be part of her ploy to get Biden's attention and favor to pick her as VP?

The available evidence suggests that may very well be the case.


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