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Chuck Schumer Vows to “Fight Like the Devil” for Mail-In Voting in Next Coronavirus Stimulus


On MSNBC, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed that Democrats would "fight like the devil" for mail-in voting in the next coronavirus stimulus bill.

Mail-in voting has raised legitimate concerns over election security and legitimacy.

Without voter ID and other security measures, the risk of voter fraud increases compared to in-person voting.

Furthermore, there are fears that mail-in voting could lead to ballot harvesting, which has resulted in at least 6 different documented circumstances of election fraud.

Regardless, Schumer told MSNBC's Chris Hayes that mail-in voting is a priority for Democrats and that they will "fight like the devil" to get it.

Listen to Schumer's comments below:

In the interview, Schumer said of voter-ID:

It’s aimed at stopping people of color and poor people from voting. We feel extremely strongly that everyone should be able to vote, that the COVID crisis should not stand in the way of what is the hallmark, the wellspring of America, which is free, fair, and open elections, and that will be a very important part of the legislation that we’re going to put forward, and we are going to fight like the devil for it.

Ummm... voter ID does not prevent any voting block from being able to cast a vote...

Voter ID only stops illegitimate voters and non-citizens from participating in our elections. 

A leader in the Senate should NOT be fighting "like the devil" for anyone to be able to vote in U.S. elections.

After years of investigating alleged Trump-Russia collusion, you'd think that Democrats would be more concerned about election security!

According to the Baltimore Sun, voting by mail fails to secure the integrity of the vote:

Some Americans believe opening the gate to mail-in voting is a good idea; all foxes believe opening the gate to the chicken house is a good idea. The commonality, of course, is that temptation sometimes proves to be irresistible — both to foxes and humans.

Superficially, voting by mail sounds like a panacea designed to lower costs and spare the American voter the “inconvenience” of trekking off to the polls every two years only to find himself wending his way to the voting area through a battery of last-minute solicitations meant to sway his vote. Further, it allows the voter to luxuriate over his preferences at home rather than mulling over his selections at the voting station and holding up a line of people who want to cast their vote and go.

But before we buy into mail-in voting, let’s carefully consider the potential complications associated with a panacea that could later find us struggling to extricate ourselves from a quagmire.

First. Verification of every voter and his right to vote should be confirmed — before he casts a vote.

Those who criticize the requirement of photo/voter ID, the ability to identify the person about to participate in a privilege bought with a sea of American blood, amaze me. If I’m stopped by a police officer while driving, that officer wants to see my license/photo ID. When I show up for any medical procedure, I need to produce my photo ID. If I want to travel out of the country, I need my passport — photo attached. In each of these examples, we are compliant because we understand the issues of safety and security.

The American citizen is no less entitled to know that his vote is protected by that same level of security, that it will not be diluted by illegally cast votes of non-citizens, dead citizens, and multiple votes by the same voter using different identities.

Second. While absentee mail-in ballots are available (and necessary) upon request to those who are unable to appear in person to vote by reason of distance (e.g., military service or employment requirements) or infirmity (the elderly or medically compromised), the system is wide open to potential fraud and misdirected ballots.

In 2018, “ballot harvesting,” the practice in which workers or volunteers collect absentee ballots and deliver them to polling places or the election office, became an issue in California. Questions and accusations arose concerning how much “help” those volunteers gave to the elderly or those less informed in completing their ballots.

Whether any fraud was actually involved is irrelevant. The problem lies with the appearance, the ease with which ballot tampering could occur.

After complaining that Russians interfered in the 2016 presidential election, you'd think that Democrats would be the first in line to require voter ID!

Furthermore, shouldn't the next COVID-19 stimulus package be focused on actually protecting American lives and livelihoods?!

Instead, the Democrats appear to be prioritizing partisan policies like vote by mail!

Democrats and their allies in the media are accusing Republican support of voter ID of being "racist."

IDs are required to buy alcohol, drive, and travel on an airplane.

Why shouldn't they be required for voting? Voting, after all, is the very lifeblood of our democracy!

Liberal mouthpiece VOX ran a piece slamming Republicans for spending $20 million to fight vote by mail efforts:

The Republican National Committee and President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign have doubled their litigation budget to $20 million, Politico reported Thursday. RNC chief of staff Richard Walters told Politico that the GOP is prepared to sue Democrats “into oblivion” by spending “whatever is necessary” to prevail in legal fights against its rivals leading up to the November election.

As the Politico report made clear, Republicans expect to devote much of this legal war chest to litigation over whether Americans should be able to vote from home during a pandemic that could make it unsafe for them to cast in-person ballots at the polls this November. High-level Republicans have resisted efforts to expand voters’ ability to submit mail-in ballots, likely because higher voter turnout is widely believed to benefit Democrats.

Last month, the country got a preview of what these legal battles over voting rights during a pandemic could look like.

On April 7, Wisconsin held a primary election that included a hotly contested race for a seat on the state Supreme Court. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Wisconsin was inundated with requests for absentee ballots, receiving approximately 1.2 million requests when it typically sees fewer than 250,000 in a spring election. That left election officials scrambling to send ballots to voters fast enough so they could submit them in time.

To help ensure that no voter would be disenfranchised because of a paperwork crisis sparked by an even greater public health crisis, a lower court judge ordered the state to accept any ballot it received before 4 pm on April 13. But the RNC disagreed with the order and successfully convinced the Supreme Court’s Republican majority to roll most of it back. Under the Court’s party-line decision in Republican National Committee v. Democratic National Committee, any ballots not postmarked by April 7 were tossed out.

Securing the integrity of the U.S. election is NOT racism!

It protects every single American citizen, especially the most vulnerable communities among us.

Voter ID ensures that every vote counts, whether you're black, brown, white, or anything in-between.

But rather than reporting the truth, liberal media outlets would rather promote vote by mail, even after we saw the chaos that happened in the Democrat's Iowa caucus where new voting technologies were allowed.


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