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Dershowitz: I Have Evidence President Obama Himself Asked the FBI to Help Soros Investigate Someone


As if this week couldn’t get any crazier, we have yet another bombshell of corruption in our government.

Earlier this week, newly revealed documents prove that bad agents in the FBI purposefully tried to setup General Flynn.

Now… there’s new evidence that President Obama himself might have asked the FBI to investigate “someone” for none other than George Soros.

This evidence comes from Harvard Law School professor emeritus and Trump impeachment counsel Alan Dershowitz.

While Dershowitz has not made the evidence public, he claims he’s waiting on a lawsuit to disclose the evidence.

It is unclear who this “someone” is.

But if a culture of fraud and corrupt agents was able to fester in the FBI, it wouldn’t be a surprise if President Obama was involved in some questionable dealings himself.

More on this bombshell revelation below:

Conservatives have long feared Soros' influence over the Democratic party.

While many liberal voters have mocked fears over Soros as "conspiracy theories," the allegation that Soros would ask President Obama for a favor certainly raises suspicions.

To make matters worse, Dershowitz claims he has evidence that Obama caved and personally asked the FBI to investigation someone for Soros!

According to Fox News:

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said Sunday he has proof that former President Barack Obama "personally asked" the FBI to investigate someone "on behalf of George Soros," the liberal billionaire megadonor.

Dershowitz's claim came soon after Attorney General Bill Barr openly asked President Trump to stop tweeting about ongoing Justice Department matters, saying it made it "impossible" to do his job. Barr, who also maintained that Trump never personally intervened in a criminal matter despite Democrats' allegations, was hit last week by a letter from former DOJ officials organized by a leftwing group demanding his resignation.

"There was a lot of White House control of the Justice Department during the Kennedy administration and I don't think we saw very many liberal professors arguing against that," Dershowitz said in an interview with Breitbart News that aired Sunday on SiriusXM. "I have some information as well about the Obama administration – which will be disclosed in a lawsuit at some point, but I'm not prepared to disclose it now – about how President Obama personally asked the FBI to investigate somebody on behalf of George Soros, who was a close ally of his." He did not say specifically who the target might have been.

Dershowitz added: "We've seen this kind of White House influence on the Justice Department virtually in every Justice Department. The difference: This president is much more overt about it, he tweets about it. President Obama whispered to the Justice Department about it. And, I don't think these 1,000 former Justice Department officials would pass the shoe-on-the-other-foot test. Maybe some of them would, but a good many of them wouldn't."

Constitutionally, Dershowitz said, the president "could make a decision to really control the Justice Department" and decide specifically whom to prosecute and not to prosecute. The former member of Trump's impeachment defense team clarified, however, that it wouldn't be a good move.

"He shouldn't do it; it hasn't been done since Thomas Jefferson," Dershowitz said. "Thomas Jefferson did do it. We've seen this throughout our history."

If this is true, we hope Dershowitz has a good security detail!

President Trump has promised to drain the swamp, and it appears that one-by-one, the masks are being pulled off the Democratic charade.

You can listen to Dershowitz's interview below:

Many observers are speculating on who President Obama would've asked the FBI to investigate, but Dershowitz has kept his lips sealed.

Breitbart confirms that more will be revealed when a lawsuit is finally filed:

Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz told Breitbart News Sunday this weekend that billionaire left-wing financier George Soros told then-President Barack Obama to investigate someone.

Dershowitz would not identify who, precisely, the target of the investigation was, but said that the name would soon emerge in in a lawsuit that had yet to be filed.

The Western Journal confirms that a lawsuit is impending:

Pollak’s attention was obviously diverted from the constitutionality of presidential influence on the Justice Department for a moment. “But let me just ask you,” he said. “You said that George Soros asked Barack Obama to have his Justice Department investigate somebody?”

“We’re — that’s going to come out in a lawsuit in the near future, yeah,” Dershowitz said.

“Wow, well, we look forward to hearing more about that,” Pollak said.

“That’s not unusual. That is not unusual,” Dershowitz said. “People whisper to presidents all the time. Presidents whisper to [the] Justice Department all the time. It’s very common.

“It’s wrong, whoever does it, but it’s common, and we shouldn’t think that it’s unique to any particular president. I have in my possession the actual 302 form, which documents this issue, and it will, at the right time, come out. But I’m not free to disclose it now because it’s a case that’s not yet been filed.”

A 302 is an FBI form that documents an interview.

While the media and Democratic party may attempt to make the 2020 election all about COVID-19, don't forget the threat of corruption in the swamp!

This election is just as significant as 2016 -- if not moreso -- to make sure that President Trump is reelected to continue exposing and defeating corruption.

Stay tuned for developments on this story.

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