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More Voters Trust Tara Reade Over Joe Biden or Christine Blasey Ford, Rasmussen Poll Shows


Former Senate staffer Tara Reade has accused Joe Biden of sexual assault. 

While the allegations have received scant media coverage compared to accusations made against Republican leaders, new polling suggests that voters are more likely to trust Tara Reade than Biden.

A new Rasmussen poll shows that 34 percent of likely U.S. voters believe that Tara Reade is telling the truth about Biden assaulting her.

Compare this to the 24 percent of voters that believe Joe Biden’s claims of innocence.

It’s important to note that 41 percent of voters are still undecided on who to believe.

But here’s where things get interesting…

According to the same poll, more U.S. voters believe Tara Reade than Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser.

Only 33 percent of voters believed Christine Blasey Ford, while 34 percent trust Reade.

Kavanaugh was believed by 38 percent of voters.

In other words, likely voters are more likely to trust Tara Reade over Joe Biden or Christine Blasey Ford!

Talk about a shock to the media narrative!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the world, Joe Biden has largely remained out of the spotlight.

This has allowed him to remain relatively unscathed during the pandemic.

All eyes are on President Trump and his response to this national crisis.

But even as the media ignores Tara Reade's credible allegations of sexual assault against Biden, more and more Americans are believing her claim.

According to Rasmussen, very few Americans think Biden is telling the truth:

A former Senate staffer has accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, and voters suspect she may be telling the truth. But they don’t expect the media to cover the Biden story like they did the allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 34% of Likely U.S. Voters believe Tara Reade’s accusation that Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993. The likely Democratic presidential nominee has denied the claim, but only 24% think he is telling the truth. A sizable 41%, however, is undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

By comparison, 33% believed Kavanaugh’s main accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, when she first came forward with claims that he sexually assaulted her in high school. Thirty-eight percent (38%) believed Kavanaugh’s denial instead.

Sixty-two percent (62%) of voters say they have been following recent news reports about the allegation against Biden, although only 26% have been following Very Closely. Among voters who have been following Very Closely, 60% think the accuser is telling the truth.

Voters aren’t surprised that most major media outlets have largely ignored the Biden story which broke earlier this month, a stark contrast to the blanket coverage given to Kavanaugh’s accusers during his Senate confirmation hearings. Just 30% think the media is likely to cover the allegation against Biden as much as they did those against Kavanaugh. A plurality (45%) disagrees and says the media is unlikely to cover the Biden story as much. Twenty-five percent (25%) are not sure.

These allegations will certainly hurt Biden's attempt to portray Trump as an abuser or "bad" towards women.

If Reade's allegations are not addressed now, it is likely that it will become a hot topic as the general election swings into full gear.

Tara Reade has been incredibly consistent about her claim since 1993. 

Two new witnesses stepped forward this week to confirm that Reade told them about the assault over two decades ago.

One was a former neighbor, and the other worked with Reade in the Senate.

Now, Reade also says that she is willing to testify against Biden under oath, the Daily Caller reports:

2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden’s accuser is willing to testify under oath, she told the Daily Caller News Foundation on Thursday.


“Joe Biden, I want you to release all the personnel records from 1973 to 2009 and be transparent about your office practices,” Reade told the DCNF in an exclusive interview Tuesday. “I would like to hold you accountable for what happened to me, to how your staff protected you and enabled you, bullied me multiple times into silence.”

She added: “You ended my career. You ended my job after you assaulted me. You claim to be the champion of women’s rights, but your public persona does not match your personal actions.”

“I want this brought to light and I want you to admit it in public,” Reade said. “I want a public apology for calling me a Russian agent and having other people try to smear my character in order to cover your crimes.”

Though Tara Reade has requested that Biden testify under oath, he has not responded to that request.

Thanks to social media and the conversative blogosphere, Tara Reade's allegations are becoming more widely known despite the media blackout.


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