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Hillary’s New Low: Coronavirus “Would Be a Terrible Crisis to Waste”; Need “Universal Health Care”


Move aside, Rahm Emanuel.

Hillary has a new spin on your “Never allow a crisis to go to waste” comment.

During her endorsement of Joe Biden for president, Hillary Clinton said, “This would be a terrible crisis to waste” if the Democratic party did not push for “universal healthcare.”

Over 60,000 Americans have died from COVID-19.

While President Trump has focused on protecting American lives and livelihoods, many Democratic leaders have appeared to use the crisis to push partisan policies.

Nancy Pelosi, for example, attempted to push pro-abortion language into the coronavirus stimulus bill.

Other Democrats achieved their goal of banning gun sales, even if only temporary.

Now, Hillary Clinton is urgining the Democrat party to embrace universal healthcare and to use the COVID-19 crisis to get it.

Talk about disgusting.

See her widely criticized comments below:

Hillary's endorsement comes as Tara Reade's allegations of sexual misconduct by Biden continue to gain momentum in the media.

The Clinton health plan of 1993 was often dubbed "Hillarycare," since she worked behind the scenes to help President Bill Clinton expand the government's role in healthcare.

Now, she seems determined to use COVID-19 to strongarm Americans into supporting a single payer system.

The Blaze has more on Hillary's tone-deaf comments:

Hillary Clinton said the coronavirus "would be a terrible crisis to waste" on the road to universal health care as she endorsed Joe Biden for president Tuesday.

"This is a high stakes time because of the pandemic, but this is also a really high stakes election, and every form of health care should continue to be available, including reproductive health care for every woman in this country," Clinton told Biden, a former vice president and now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. "And then it needs to be part of a much larger system that eventually, and quickly I hope, gets us to universal health care."

Clinton — herself the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016 — then noted that "this would be a terrible crisis to waste, as the old saying goes. We've learned a lot about what our absolute frailties are in our country when it comes to health justice and economic justice, so ... let's be resolved that we're going to solve those once you're elected president."

Rather than using this pandemic to push for unpopular partisan policies, leaders from both parties should be partnering with the administration to keep Americans safe and to protect the economy.

Trump has worked with both Democratic and Republican governors to ensure that the states have the support they need to fight against the pandemic.

But rather than retiring from the spotlight, Hillary seems eager to insert her name into the 2020 cycle.

As tens of thousands of innocent Americans die from COVID-19, now seems like a bad time to talk about controversial policies that completely reshape America.

Appearing on Fox & Friends, Lawrence Jones tore Hillary's comments apart:

"Well, she is right in the sense that this is an old saying for big government advocates: never let a crisis go to waste," Jones noted. "But, the problem is government has been extremely ineffective when it comes to doing their basic jobs."

"I mean, you have got testing kits just sitting in garages. We can't get certain things. They told us we needed the big Comfort Plus. And, we didn't need it. All the models are wrong," he remarked.

"So, I'm not sure we want universal health care when they can't even get basic things right," Jones pointed out. "When you look at the [Veterans Affairs] would you feel [about] the same government that runs the VA system providing for average day Americans as well?"

"But, again, with most Democrats and big government Republicans, when they see these [crises] they never let them go to waste," he told the "Friends" hosts.

"Just like during 9/11 [when] they implemented more big government regulations when it comes to government spying and they never went away, although they told us they would be going away..." Jones concluded. "We are seeing the same thing now."

Aside from her tone-deaf COVID-19 crisis comments, Hillary has also ignored the legitimate allegations against Joe Biden made by Tara Reade.

Clinton, an advocate of the #MeToo and "Believe All Women" movements, has been strangely silent on Reade's accusations.

Her endorsement of Biden has been widely panned. 

See some of the clips and commentary below:


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