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BETRAYAL: 5 Republicans Vote for Illegal Immigrant “Reparations” in Latest Stimulus Bill


Democratic leaders were upset when the last coronavirus stimulus bill sent $1,200 checks to American taxpayers but not to illegal immigrants.

That was to be expected.

But now 5 Republicans have betrayed the president’s trust and have voted to give money to illegal immigrants in the next stimulus bill.

The bill is intended to expand labor protection, boost unions, and improve worker classification systems.

The bill also essentially abolishes state right-to-work laws.

But now, if the new bill passes, illegal immigrants will have the right to seek damages from their employer if any of their labor rights are violated.

Under current law, illegal immigrants are unable to receive compensation if they are terminated.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform has warned that as it stands, this bill could potentially make it illegal to fire an employee who is in the country illegally.


According to GovTrack’s “Statistically Notable Votes,” the five Republicans who voted with Democrats are: Don Young (AK), Jefferson Van Drew (NJ), Chris Smith (NJ), John Katko (NY), and Brian Fitzpatrick (PA).

More details on this bill as well as the betrayals below:

The coronavirus stimulus package, which is funded by American taxpayers, is meant to help... American taxpayers.

Illegal immigrants are not citizens, and therefore by definition are not entitled to the same protections or rights as American citizens.

The Washington Examiner has more details on this bill that allows illegal immigrants to seek damages from employers:

The House of Representatives passed a bill on Friday that would make illegal immigrants eligible for damages from their employer if their labor rights are violated.

The bill, passed almost entirely by Democrats, aims to expand labor protections, boost unions, and end worker misclassification. The bill also effectively abolishes state right-to-work laws.

“The penalties for violating the [National Labor Relations Act] are weaker than those for violating other labor and employment laws, and workers lack a private right of action to pursue relief on their own,” a Committee on Education and Labor fact sheet said. “Workers are frequently misclassified as independent contractors or supervisors, and thus excluded from the protections afforded to employees covered by the NLRA.”

Currently, illegal immigrants are not able to seek compensation from the NLRB if their rights are violated by their employers, which is something the bill aims to change along with attempting to allow illegal immigrants to be able to seek damages if they are wrongfully terminated.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform released a statement warning that this bill could prevent employers from firing an employee who is in the country illegally.

“In addition to owing back pay and other damages from so-called unfair labor practices, the PRO Act subjects employers to civil penalties of up to $100,000,” the statement read. “Under this bill, if an employer makes the admirable decision of firing an illegal worker to hire an American instead, they could face an unfair labor practice charge alleging that the illegal alien was fired for union status rather than being here illegally. This is not right.”

In recent years, many Democrat leaders have appeared to favor open borders and non-citizens over their actual constituents.

This is why Trump's campaign promise to build the wall and reform the immigration system resonated with so many voters.

But now, Democrats and even some Republicans are attempting to go around President Trump and Congress to protect illegals.

In fact, many Democratic governors are finding loopholes to provide funding for illegal immigrants.

While this is disappointing, it shouldn't be shocking or surprising.

After all, these are the same governors that protect and promote sanctuary cities in their state.

The New York Post has more on this political subterfuge:

Democratic governors and mayors are going around Congress to put money into the pockets of illegal immigrants who were excluded from receiving the $1,200 coronavirus relief checks that are part of the $2.2 trillion stimulus plan approved last month, according to a report.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom created a private-public $125 million fund that illegal immigrants would be able to draw from and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot expanded city benefits, including money from the city’s Small Business Resiliency Program, for illegal immigrants.

Minneapolis, run by Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey, is creating a $5 million funding package that would be available to all residents who are eligible, including illegal immigrants.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said a fund for immigrants was “something we want to take a look at,” Politico reported on Wednesday.

More than 15 million immigrants will not be on the receiving end of stimulus checks or expanded unemployment benefits because Congress limited eligibility to workers who have Social Security numbers, the report said, citing the Migration Policy Institute.

Many immigrants — illegal and legal — file taxes using an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number because they do not have a Social Security number.

The eligibility requirement was by design.

Coronavirus benefits were “limited to citizens and residents of the U.S. that are legally permitted to work here,” a Republican congressional aide told Politico.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken an incredible toll on human life and the financial health of the U.S. economy.

As we take out unprecedented levels of debt to protect American citizens, it's critical that the money is used to help those it was meant to help: American citizens.

The corruption must end now!


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