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“I’m All In”: Billionaire Mark Cuban Supports Trump Through Coronavirus Economic Advisory Role


To say that Mark Cuban and Donald Trump have had a tumultuous relationship is an understatement.

The two billionaires have often publicly criticized each other, but appear to have put politics aside for the good of the country.

President Trump announced the advisers who would be on the coronavirus economic recovery council.

Advisers come from every sector of the U.S. economy, ranging from healthcare to technology to manufacturing.

Among them is Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who said, “I’m here to help [Trump] on his council — whatever I can do as an American.”

Now THAT is the American spirit!

While many Democratic politicians and leaders appear to be exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic for partisan politics, there are leaders setting aside politics to focus on protecting American lives and livelihoods.

More on Cuban’s comments and ideas below:

Though President Trump and Mark Cuban might not agree on every details, the council will certainly present the president with a multitude of perspectives from the nation's top experts and business leaders.

The council agrees that President Trump's success means that the country will succeed.

They are not joining the council as Republicans, but as Americans wanting to help Trump safely reopen and reenergize the largest economy in the world.

Fox News confirms that Cuban is fully committed to helping Trump succeed:

Billionaire Mark Cuban said Wednesday that he is fully committed to helping President Trump reopen the U.S. economy that was attacked by the coronavirus.

"Right now I'm supporting the president," Cuban told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney referring to hinting at running for the presidency. "I'm here to help him on his council. Whatever I can do as an American – I'm all in."

Trump on Tuesday named Cuban as one of the leaders that he would be meeting by telephone to help resurrect the ailing U.S. economy.

While the Dallas Mavericks owner would not discuss plans for a presidential run, he did float some economic ideas that he believes “conservatives would be very interested” in hearing.

First, Cuban said he isn’t sure whether the Small Business Administration's Paycheck Protection Program and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan programs are working and there should be a “friction-free approach to keeping the economy open.”

“I'd work with the Fed and the Treasury and banks to install an overdraft protection program and that allows small businesses and medium-sized businesses, in particular, to continue business as usual,” he said.

Cuban also believes investing in robotics would create an “America 2.0” that established the U.S. as the economic leader of the world.

“I think we have to start talking about robotics taxes, because when we get back to work if we're really going to bring manufacturing back here, we can't try to recreate the manufacturing of the past where we put everybody in the assembly line and pretend that there's going to be a lot of manufacturing jobs. We have to invest as a country in robotics because that's the way we're going to be able to bring manufacturing over here and beat the pants off the Chinese at what they do best, which is low-cost manufacturing,” he said.

Mark Cuban's comments on robotics have resonated with many observers, especially since both Cuban and President Trump take a tough approach to China.

Both billionaires understand the threat that the communist Chinese government represents on the global stage.

Mark Cuban has predicted that America will look different as the lockdowns end.

He calls it "America 2.0."

According to Cuban, America 2.0 will be rich with opportunity for investors, entrepreneurs, and those developing automated technologies for tomorrow.

But Market Watch reports that Cuban also warns the recovery will be "brutal":

Cuban, speaking with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo, explained why he thought the recovery from the economic fallout wrought by the illness caused by a novel coronavirus strain could be a long and ugly one for the average American and small businesses in particular.

“It’s going to be brutal. There’s no way to sugarcoat it at all. And when we get to the other side, companies are going to be operating differently,” Cuban said on the business network.

The entrepreneur, who boasts a net worth of $4.3 billion, according to Forbes, says that challenges for businesses are manifold and include additional costs that will be incurred to sanitize and retrofit spaces as nearly shutdown economies attempt to reboot after a virus-imposed hibernation.

“Companies are going to have to be agile … Companies are going to have to build from the bottom up,” Cuban said.

The “Shark Tank” star said he remains confident that some normalcy will return in two to three years but predicts that investors and business owners will need to endure some pain to get to the other side.

President Trump is known to thoroughly listen to advisers before making a decision, so Mark Cuban's insight will definitely have an impact on the future of the country.

Even if Cuban and Trump don't see eye-to-eye on everything, at least Cuban understands that the president's success is the country's success. 

Here's to making America great again... again!

More of Cuban's ideas below:


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