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Trump Right Again? Colorado Company Already Exploring UV Light Treatments “Inside The Body”


Imagine that….President Trump was right again?

It looks like it. 

The Crooked Media has run wild with stories saying President Trump thinks you should injest bleach to kill the virus. 

Actually, that’s not at all what he said.

He actually said something pretty intelligent….and as usual, it was just far enough above the intellect of the reporters that they mocked him for it rather than trying to understand what he was saying.

At a presser, President Trump commented how he was interested in the fact that sunlight kills the virus quickly, as do things like bleach and lysol.  

And he asked his medical panel if they knew of any way to explore these ideas medically.

They didn’t.  

And the Media took it and ran with it, mocking him mercilessly for the past several days. 

Except….I guess no one knew about this.

Thank you to a real reporter, John Roberts, for making THIS report on a Colorado company already exploring exactly what President Trump asked about.

Take a look:

Backup here if that gets taken down:

Here's more, from Raw Story:

On Fox News Friday, reporter John Roberts defended President Donald Trump’s suggestion that using UV lights inside the body could be used to treat coronavirus.

“You know, the concept of some sort of way of getting ultraviolet light inside the body … the president was correct,” said Roberts. “In fact, earlier this week, a company out of Colorado announced that it is studying a new device that would embed LED lights that emit UV rays into the breathing tubes of ventilators, and that way you could actually attack the virus inside the trachea.”

“I’m told that this research is still in its early phase, it hasn’t yet been tried in patients, but it may be something to look at for the future,” added Roberts.

Local Fox31 also had more details:

A Colorado company is offering a different kind of way to disinfect surfaces and spaces amid growing concerns over COVID-19.

Co-founders Brian Stern and Webb Lawrence operate their business called Puro Lighting out of Lakewood. Puro says it offers a UV lighting technology designed to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses.

“Our lights will run for about a 30-minute period and during that time produce a significant amount of UV to kill any type of bacteria and virus or most fungal strains within a space,” Stern said.

Stern says they’ve received calls from people all over the world in the past week as the new coronavirus continues to spread. He says they have not tested the technology on any coronavirus because of restrictions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

State Epidemiologist Rachel Herlihy says research on other coronaviruses has suggested that the current virus can live on surfaces for several days. Stern says based on research, they believe the UV technology could effectively kill COVID-19 on surfaces but it is not designed for human use.

“In fact, our system will not turn on if a person is in the space,” said Stern.

The World Health Organization also warns against using UV technology on skin, saying UV radiation can cause skin irritation.

Stern says they’ve installed systems in hospitals, sports facilities, office spaces and even homes. Some devices are small and portable while others cover a larger area.

Watch this for a more in-depth discussion:


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