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New Evidence Supporting Sexual Assault Allegation Against Biden Emerges


This whole story on the sexual assault allegation against Biden just got a lot more interesting.

New evidence has emerged today that potentially corroborates the sexual assault allegation by Tara Reade against Joe Biden. Reade was a senate aide and has accused Biden of forcefully pushing her against a wall, kissing her, and penetrating her with his fingers in 1993.

Apparently, Reade told her mother, brother, and close friend about the incident with Biden. Reade’s mother has since passed, but both her brother and friend confirm that Reade did in fact tell them about the incident.

What gets even more interesting is that Reade’s mother possibly made a call in to the Larry King Live show in 1993. During the call, the woman hints that something happened to her daughter, a senate staffer, on Capitol Hill.

Read the latest details on the new evidence from The Intercept:

A NEW PIECE of evidence has emerged buttressing the credibility of Tara Reade’s claim that she told her mother about allegations of sexual harassment and assault related to her former boss, then-Sen. Joe Biden. Biden, through a spokesperson, has denied the allegations. Reade has claimed to various media outlets, including The Intercept, that she told her mother, a close friend, and her brother about both the harassment and, to varying degrees of detail, the assault at the time. Her brother, Collin Moulton, and her friend, who has asked to remain anonymous, both confirmed that they heard about the allegations from Reade at the time. Reade’s mother died in 2016, but both her brother and friend also confirmed Reade had told her mother, and that her mother, a longtime feminist and activist, urged her to go to the police.

In interviews with The Intercept, Reade also mentioned that her mother had made a phone call to “Larry King Live” on CNN, during which she made reference to her daughter’s experience on Capitol Hill. Reade told The Intercept that her mother called in asking for advice after Reade, then in her 20s, left Biden’s office. “I remember it being an anonymous call and her saying my daughter was sexually harassed and retaliated against and fired, where can she go for help? I was mortified,” Reade told me.

Reade couldn’t remember the date or the year of the phone call, and King didn’t include the names of callers on his show. I was unable to find the call, but mentioned it in an interview with Katie Halper, the podcast host who first aired Reade’s allegation. After the podcast aired, a listener managed to find the call and sent it to The Intercept.

While it hasn’t been confirmed that the woman in the call is indeed Reade’s mother, details about the call indicate it could quite possibly be her.

A piece by New York Magazine has further information on the call:

Though the Intercept story doesn’t confirm that the Larry King caller was indeed Reade’s mother, some biographical details do match up. The caller and Reade’s mother, who died in 2016, lived in San Luis Obispo County in August 1993, and Reade would have just left Biden’s office around the time of the call. Reade told the Intercept in previous interviews that her mother had called into the Larry King Show, though she couldn’t recall the date.

Hours after the Intercept published its report, the conservative Media Research Group published a clip of the episode in question; Reade confirmed to Holly Otterbein of Politico that she could hear her mother’s voice.

Reade has said that in 1993, Biden pushed her up against a wall in the Senate complex, kissed her, and then digitally penetrated her underneath her skirt. In 2019, she told reporters that the former vice president had touched her neck and ran his fingers through her hair on several occasions, which made her one of over a half dozen women to say that Biden had kissed or touched them in ways that made them uncomfortable.

Through representatives, Biden has consistently denied assaulting Reade, and it is generally difficult for journalists to prove that a sexual assault definitively occurred. Deficiencies in the criminal-justice system and the fear and stigma associated with public identification as a victim of sexual abuse can also prevent a person from reporting an attack to the police, let alone the press. But key aspects of Reade’s account — namely, that she told friends and relatives about the incident — have proven true. The New York Times previously confirmed that Reade told a friend about the attack when it allegedly occurred. “Another friend and a brother of Ms. Reade’s said she told them over the years about a traumatic sexual incident involving Mr. Biden,” the Times reported.

The Washington Post confirmed another Reade claim: that her professional responsibilities changed around the time of the alleged assault. Reade initially oversaw internships in Biden’s Senate office. But two former interns “recalled that Reade abruptly stopped overseeing them in April — just a few weeks after the interns arrived — but neither was aware of the circumstances that led to her departure,” the Post found.

You can watch the full clip from the Larry King Live show right here:

It's important to note that at this point, Reade's story is simply an accusation. Biden deserves due process just like everyone else.

Fortunately for him, his last name isn't Kavanaugh. That means his name won't be drug through the dirt by the mainstream media.

Also, it's likely virtually no Democrats or media members will call for Biden to end his presidential campaign as they most surely would for any Republican.

Many on Twitter were quick to point out the relative silence on Reade's allegations:


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