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Tom Hanks Partners with Michelle Obama to Push “Vote By Mail”


Hereeee we go…

Now that Michelle Obama has pushed for mail-in voting, major Hollywood celebrities are joining her ranks.

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are among the first to do so.

Joining Obama in her virtual “couch party,” Hanks and Wilson attempted to sway the public to support mail-in voting.

Currently, only 5 states in the entire nation have all-mail elections.

As the Democratic push for mail-in voting continues to grow louder, many are concerned about the implications of voter fraud and election integrity.

Mail-in voting eliminates the need for in-person ID checks, which highly reduce the likelihood of voter fraud. Mail-in voting also implies the potential for ballot harvesting, where pollsters collect ballots and bring them to the polling station.

However, ballot harvesting has resulted in tampered ballots in the past.

The social media backlash towards the couch party has been fierce.

Tom Hanks made headlines as the first major celebrity to announce that he had been infected with COVID-19.

He was not in the United States at the time of acquiring the virus.

Now, he appears to be using the illness to promote mail-in voting, according to the New York Post:

Former first lady Michelle Obama was joined by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson for her voter registration “couch party” event to stump for mail-in voting as the coronavirus pandemic has shifted the debate on safe voting practices.

Hanks and Wilson, who were the first celebrities to announce they had tested positive for the virus, took part in Obama’s Monday evening When We All Vote #CouchParty event along with thousands of volunteers and supporters who joined in from their own homes.

Hanks and Wilson are co-chairs of the group alongside Obama, who founded the effort.

Obama spoke by phone to attendees about the importance of voting being accessible to all, especially through voting-by-mail, given the dangers of the pandemic. The former first lady also noted that she and husband Barack Obama have sent in their ballots for “every election for the last decade.”

“Voting should never, ever be difficult and it should never be a partisan issue,” she continued.


Hanks added that even during a health emergency, “our democratic principles mean that I want to vote [even if] I’m sick.”

The Democratic push for mail-in voting comes at a time when the far left appears to want to ease voter protection.

Many prominent leaders on the left have campaigned against voter ID and other safety tools that would protect against voter fraud and election theft.

Several social media users are doubtful of the couch party's intentions.

The campaign is part of Michelle Obama's When We All Vote initiative.

The virtual push for mail-in votes comes just days after President Trump warned that some people use the system to cheat.

Despite spending 3 years investigating alleged Russian interference in the U.S. elections, Democrats appear eager to promote mail-in voting without any strict voter ID requirements.

The Daily Mail has more:

In a press conference on April 3, Trump said he was adamantly opposed to holding November's presidential election by mail saying there was a greater risk of fraud.

But Obama said Monday: 'This pandemic, this crisis that we're facing is proving that measures like vote by mail, early, in-person voting and online voter registration are not only long overdue, they are essential for the future of this democracy'.

Obama earlier tweeted 'no American should ever have to make the choice between making their voice heard and keeping themselves and their family safe.'  

During the evening's 'When We All Vote #CouchParty' Obama emphasized the importance of vote-by-mail being accessible to all voters and said that was exactly how she and husband Barack had voted for 'every election for the last decade.'

After the phonecall, Hanks and Wilson held a discussion stressing the importance of having every voter's voice heard during the democratic process.

'We as Americans and as voters should be able to request the options that work for us,' Wilson said. 'We don't want to have to risk our health or our vote. So to make that easy, mail-in ballot, absentee ballot, I think that's a really great compromise.'

The Oscar-winning actor then thanked essential workers during the current public health crisis.

Indeed, every single eligible voter has the right to vote!

But we must also protect against voter fraud and election interference.

Furthermore, the Democratic party has lost all credibility when it talks about new voting mechanisms.

Just look at their Iowa causes... we all know how that turned out!


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