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Pelosi Vows Next Coronavirus Stimulus Will “Enable” Vote By Mail


Never let a crisis go to waste; isn’t that right, Nancy?

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Nancy Pelosi dropped a major bombshell on what the next coronavirus stimulus package will include: a provision that will “enable the American people to vote by mail” in November.

While unemployment is soaring and many businesses teeter on the verge of financial ruin, the speaker of the House seems more concerned about the election than she does about funding the stimulus package.

Specifically, Pelosi said that a “chunk of money” of the next stimulus would be allocated to let people vote by mail.

In the same interview, she attempted to resurrect the Russia investigation by suggesting that Putin has dirt on President Trump.

Of course, the irony is that after 3 years of investigating election interference, Democrats seem eager to approve mail-in voting without voter ID.

You can watch Pelosi’s interview on Morning Joe below:

Mail in voting has been criticized for its potential for fraud and election theft.

Unlike in-person voting that requires some form of identification, mail-in ballots can potentially be sent by anyone.

There are many cases where ballot harvesting has resulted in tampered votes.

Breitbart has more on Pelosi's vow to include mail in voting in the next COVID-19 stimulus:

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said a “chunk of money” will be designated in the next coronavirus stimulus bill to enable the American people to vote by mail.


She continued, “It leads you to the question about what does Vladimir Putin have on President Trump personally, politically, financially, in every way?”

She added, “No matter what the president says, it cannot be denied. But it takes us to the next step. They have also told us 24/7 the Russians are still at work trying to undermine our election. That is why we have to have an important chunk of money in this next bill that will enable us to protect the integrity of our elections, as well as enable the American people to vote by mail, especially at this time of a health danger in going to the polls.”

She concluded, “This is the lifeblood of our democracy, the vote. So here we are trying to protect the lives of American people, the livelihoods of the American people, and also the life of our democracy. That is what we are going to do in the next bill as well.”

For the past 3 years, Democrats have investigated and talked about the integrity of our elections.

However, the majority of Democratic leaders remain opposed to voter ID requirements, which would help ensure that only eligible voters are the ones actually casting ballots.

Democrats have tried to minimize the risk of voter fraud through mail in ballots.

But there are at least 15 elections in the U.S. where the results were thrown out because of fraud through mail-in voting.

Florida, Missouri, New York, Texas, and North Carolina have all had outcomes overturned because it was revealed that there was voter fraud through mail in voting.

The Daily Signal outlines 15 examples of fraudulent results. Here are some of them:

Here are ... instances in which courts threw out an election result based in whole or in part on absentee voting fraud, from The Heritage Foundation’s database and other sources.

In one of the most high profile cases, the North Carolina Board of Elections decertified the outcome of the 2018 race in the 9th Congressional District and ordered a new election after evidence of absentee ballot fraud emerged. About 61% of all mailed votes were cast for Republican candidate Mark Harris over Democrat Dan McReady, although only 16% of those requesting a ballot were Republicans. In the new election, Republican Dan Bishop stepped in as the party nominee and won.

In 2018, Dennis Jones beat Tracy Gray by one vote in a Republican primary in Texas for a seat on the Kaufman County Commissioners Court. Gray challenged the outcome, alleging a vote harvester submitted illegal mail-in ballots, while eligible provisional ballots went uncounted. After a hearing, a state judge invalidated the results and ordered a new election, which Gray won by 404 votes.

In another 2018 Texas case, Armando O’Cana seemingly won a run-off race for mayor in Mission, Texas, beating incumbent Norberto “Beto” Salinas. But after strong evidence emerged that O’Cana’s campaign had bribed voters, tampered with absentee ballots, and improperly “assisted” voters at the polls, state Judge J. Bonner Dorsey invalidated the result, saying: “I hold or find, by clear and convincing evidence, that the number of illegal votes was in excess of 158.”

In 2017, Eatonville, Florida Mayor Anthony Grant was convicted of a felony charge of voting fraud and misdemeanor absentee voting violations. Prosecutors said that as a candidate in 2015, Grant coerced absentee voters to cast ballots for him. In at least one case, prosecutors said, Grant personally solicited an absentee vote from a nonresident. Grant, a former mayor, lost the in-person vote but won the election with more than twice the number of absentee ballots that incumbent Bruce Mount got. After Grant’s indictment, then-Gov. 

Rick Scott suspended the mayor. After his conviction, he was sentenced to 400 hours of community service and four years’ probation.

This case was more than a decade after the Florida Department of Law Enforcement concluded: “The absentee ballot is the ‘tool of choice’ for those who are engaging in election fraud.”

Yes, it's important that people have the opportunity to vote, but it's equally important that the integrity of our election is held intact.

For a party that spent 3 years complaining about election interference, it seems odd that they would be against voter ID and would instead push for mail-in voting.

Even worse, Pelosi is attempting to use the next stimulus package to push for election changes, rather than using the bill to help the American people.


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