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Newt Gingrich Compares Nancy Pelosi to Marie Antoinette in Fox News Editorial Piece


Nancy Pelosi is on thin ice, if Newt Gingrich has anything to say about it.

In a scathing editorial piece published on Fox News, Gingrich compared Pelosi to Marie Antoinette, saying that she is enjoying lavish luxuries while ignoring the needs to desperate people.

Marie Antoinette was the queen of France in the 1700’s. 

When she found out her people were hungry, she was credited with saying, “Let them eat cake.”

Antoinette was later beheaded at the age of 37 years old as the French Revolution took hold.

In his piece, Gingrich stresses that he has served with three Democratic speakers of the House, but that none were nearly as tone-deaf as Nancy Pelosi.


See more of Gingrich’s stinging rebuke of Pelosi’s performance below:

Unemployment rates are soaring at speeds never before seen in our country.

As many Americans worry about job security or where they'll get their next paycheck, Nancy Pelosi has been appearing on late night television to show off her $20,000 refrigerator packed with expensive food.

According to Gringrich's piece on Fox News, Pelosi is ignoring the needs of desperate Americans:

We are watching the birth of the job-killing, ice cream-eating liberal Democratic Party.

After a week of blocking more money for American small businesses, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., decided it would be effective to show up on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on CBS to communicate her human side. It was a bizarre interview with the woman who stopped billions of dollars in aid for small businesses and their employees.

I served with three Democratic speakers of the House: Tip O’Neill, Jim Wright and Tom Foley. It would be unthinkable for one of them to be as tone-deaf as Pelosi. There she was, in front of her two Wolf Sub-Zero refrigerator-freezers. Frankly, my wife Callista knew what a Wolf Sub-Zero refrigerator was, but I sure did not. I Googled it.

Wolf’s own description is: “Find the best luxury refrigerators for your needs with Sub-Zero full-size stainless steel or custom panel refrigerators, freezers and undercounter refrigerators.” They range in price up to $20,000-plus.

So, while voting to starve small businesses, Pelosi wanted America to see her in front of “the best luxury refrigerator.” She then went a step further and explained: “And we just restocked the ice cream for Easter Sunday because we were, shall we say, enjoying – I don't know what I would have done without ice cream."

It was perfectly “progressive Democrat” of Pelosi to want us to share her pain when she was causing pain to millions of small business owners, their employees, and families.

While many Americans were gathered around their Easter tables praying and wondering what they would do without income or a job, Pelosi was blocking small business support and wondering what she would have done without ice cream. By the way, you, too, can get the ice cream she was bragging about having delivered – five pints for $58 before tax.

The Marie Antoinette parallel is a little eerie. You may be pinching pennies and eating peanut butter and crackers, but her highness, the princess of San Francisco, is smothering her anxieties with $11.60-a-pint ice cream while making you go bankrupt.

James Woods tweeted: “Her two refrigerators cost together $24,000 for her specialty chocolate ice creams, but she hates the small business owners of America. Let them eat cake.”

What makes the Pelosi attitude so infuriating is the fact that the small business payroll protection plan has worked far better than anyone thought possible. The Small Business Administration, working with the nation’s banks, has gotten nearly $350 billion into the economy in 14 days.

Before the Trump administration, $30 billion in an entire year was a major SBA effort. Now, it had managed to loan $349 billion in two weeks.

The Wall Street Journal captured the current reality Thursday: “For seven long days, Democrats have been blocking a $250 billion refill for the Paycheck Protection Program, and on Thursday morning the loan fund finally ran out of money. 'Every Senate Republican was ready to act today,’ Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor Thursday. 'But Democrats would not let us reopen the program.'

Time is ticking.

Major retailer Neiman Marcus has announced that they may declare bankruptcy as soon as this week.

Nordstrom and Macy's have had to find financing in order to stay afloat during the shutdown.

But beyond major corporations, many small businesses and entrepreneurs have been savaged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While President Trump and Republicans are eager to provide help to Americans, Democrats appear more content to score political points making guest television appearances.

As the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) ran out of money, though, Democrats and Nancy Pelosi have dragged their feet to replenish the funds.

Without new funding, thousands of small businesses will not be able to receive forgivable loans to be able to pay their employees.

The National Review notes that media outlets changed their headlines criticizing Democrats for failing to replenish the PPP to headlines that are more palatable to the left wing:

The Democrats’ sabotage came the morning after COVID-19 killed 1,973 Americans, and New York State’s infections surpassed those in Spain and Italy. Now, as then, Americans yearn for the gorgeous economy that we all shared not even two months ago. Amid all of this, is anybody plotting racist and sexist bank practices, like those over which Democrats obsess? Conversely, PPP has been so successful that its initial budget glided gently into depletion. In just two weeks, some 5,000 banks approved 1.7 million loan applications before exhausting this program’s $349 billion initial budget — a truly mixed blessing. Thus the even more urgent need for confidence and capital to reach entrepreneurs and staffers whose professional lives are flashing before their eyes.

But race-warrior Democrats couldn’t care less.

Predictably, the Democrats’ journo-janitors rushed in to scoop up the donkeys’ mess.

“Democrats block a GOP-led funding boost for small business aid program,” CNN titled its story. This was too dirty for the Dems. So, CNN hosed down its headline: “Senate at stalemate over more COVID-19 aid.”

"Senate Dems to block new coronavirus relief in bid for more money,” Politico first reported. It soon swept behind the Democrats with a new headline: “Senate brawl derails fast push for new coronavirus relief.”

“Democrats block G.O.P. proposal for aid to businesses, request more funds,” the so-called “Paper of Record” topped its dispatch. It then papered over the record, once again to sanitize the donkeys’ stable. “As Economy Hemorrhages Jobs, Aid Stalls in Senate.”

“Democrats Block McConnell Push to Boost Small Business Aid,” read Bloomberg’s original report. Then, they busted out the broom: “GOP, Democrats in Standoff over Boosting Same-Business Aid.”

As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has the influence and power to get her party into shape to provide more funding for the American people.

The Trump administration has acted quickly and decisively to employ strategies that will benefit every single American.

But instead of acting quickly to help American, Pelosi prioritized showing off her $20,000 refrigerator stocked with food.

Meanwhile, Americans are fighting over limited supplies in grocery stores.

Gingrich's Marie Antoinette analogy couldn't be more fitting.


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