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Actor Rob Reiner Predicts “Trump Will Lose in a Landslide Because Americans Will Literally Be Voting for Their Lives”


Well, that was dramatic.

Actor Rob Reiner has predicted that “Trump will lose in a landslide because Americans will literally be voting for their lives.”

Reiner rose to national prominence playing the role of Michael Stivic on All in the Family.

He has appeared in iconic films like The Princess Bride, Misery, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

While Reiner is one of many Hollywood celebrities to criticize President Trump, more and more notable people have been breaking ranks with the liberal elites.

Kanye West, for example, recently announced that he would be voting for the first time ever… and that he would be voting for the reelection of President Trump!

Regardless, Reiner’s statement insinuates that he believes the COVID-19 pandemic will get much worse in America.

More details including a few of his tweets below:

Rob Reiner's comments come after the deadliest week of the pandemic in America.

However, the daily number of deaths is considered a lagging indicator, as it's up to two weeks behind the admission of new patients in the hospital.

Recent numbers indicate that the curve is flattening, as even hotspots like New York have seen a dramatic decrease in daily infections and hospitalizations.

In fact, while many liberals predicted shortages and rationing of ventilators in New York, it turns out that every single patient who has needed a ventilator has been able to get one.

Reiner still thinks that Americans will be "voting for their lives" against Trump in November, Breitbart reports:

Left-wing Hollywood director and actor Rob Reiner is predicting that President Donald Trump will lose his reelection this November because “Americans will literally be voting for their lives.”

While Reiner’s remarks are an apparent reaction to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, the director did not clarify how exactly he arrived at his prediction.

“Trump will lose in a landslide because Americans will literally be voting for their lives,” tweeted the Misery director on Saturday.

Saturday’s tweet is not Reiner’s only prediction about the president.

In January, The Jerk actor suggested that National Security Advisor John Bolton could be of major value for Democrats during the president’s impeachment trial if he’d just “stop fucking around” and tell the public what he knows about him.

“Getting sick and tired of this crap,” Reiner proclaimed. “John Bolton, be a Patriot. Go straight to the public and tell US what you know. STOP FUCKING AROUND!”

While Reiner disseminates his doomsday predictions on social media, Democrat governors — such as California governor Gavin Newsom and New York governor Andrew Cuomo — have praised the president with regards to his handling of the coronavirus epidemic.

Last month, Gov. Newsom stated that “every single thing” President Trump and his administration has said, “they followed through on,” adding that his private conversation with the president was “everything that I could have hoped for.”

Meanwhile, Gov. Cuomo echoed Newsom’s sentiments, praising the president’s response efforts to the Wuhan coronavirus crisis in New York, adding that the president’s team has been “on it,” and that he was doing the “right thing.” Last week, Cuomo sppke favorably of the president once again, stating, “He has been responsive to New York — he has done it quickly and he has done it efficiently.”

President Trump has established a council of experts to coordinate and guide states on the safe reopening of the economy.

The council includes business leaders as well as healthcare professionals to ensure the economic health of our nation while protecting the physical health of its citizens.

Reiner has been a long-time Trump critic.

He previously called Trump a "sociopath" and accused Republicans of having blood on their hands for refusing to impeach a duly elected president.

The Washington Examiner confirms Reiner's anger against the GOP:

Actor and filmmaker Rob Reiner shamed congressional Republicans for allowing President Trump to remain in office following his impeachment by the House and claimed that "blood" was also "on their hands" amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"The GOP knew who this man was," Reiner tweeted Tuesday. "They knew he was incompetent. They knew he was mentally unwell."

The Hollywood comedian continued: "They had the power to remove him. The Blood is on their hands too."

Trump was acquitted by the Senate in February, with only one Republican, Sen. Mitt Romney, voting to convict him on one of the two charges he faced.

Reiner has been intensely critical of Trump since he took office, and just last week, he called the president a "sociopath" who does not care if American citizens die from the coronavirus.

As prominent Democrats continue to bash President Trump, the reality is that the infections and deaths per capita in the United States are lower compared to the rest of the world.

While the U.S. has the most cases and highest number of confirmed deaths, we also have 5.5. times the population of Italy and other countries.

When compared on a per capita bases, we were able to flatten the curve much more quickly than our European counterparts.

Furthermore, doubts over China's official numbers still remain.


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