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Singer, Meredith Brooks, Blasts Alyssa Milano for Ignoring Biden’s “Inappropriate” Behavior Towards Women


It’s pretty telling how silent the media and Democrats have remained on the sexual assault allegation Biden faces.

Last month, Tara Reide filed a formal complaint with Washington police, alleging that Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993 when she was a senate aide.

While it’s important to remember that this is only an allegation, many women who loudly protested Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court over an allegation now don’t seem to mind that Biden has his own allegations surfacing.

Actress Alyssa Milano is one of the women on that list.

When asked about the Biden allegation, Milano stated she will still support the former vice president and that he deserves due process.

Here’s her tweet explaining her reasoning for staying with Biden:

Meredith Brooks, famous singer, came out on Twitter and blasted Milano for "ignoring" Biden's behavior. The singer claims she was molested as a child and scolded Milano for overlooking Biden's history of "inappropriate" touching.

Check out the singer's tweets:

Breitbart reports on Brooks' tweets:

Milano responded to growing questions about Biden’s behavior earlier this month, where she accused his critics of weaponizing the #MeToo movement for political gain.

“There is something to the idea that people are going to weaponize #metoo for political gain,” Milano said. “Just look at the replies here and look to see who those accounts are supporting in the primary. There always needs to be a thorough vetting of accusations.”

“Not good enough come on girl you have to start trusting your instincts,” Brooks responded on Thursday, calling out Milano. “Everyone but you can see the history, pictures, videos??? Maybe he’s not guilty but for you to endorse him without investigation Remember #BelieveWomen?”

As well as his penchant for inappropriately touching children, Biden has also faced an allegation of sexual assault. Last month, former congressional staffer Tara Reade accused Biden of forcing her against a wall and putting his hands under her shirt and skirt and penetrating her.

Interestingly, CNN posted a video a few years ago of Biden giving an extraordinarily long hug to Hillary Clinton. You can see in the video where Clinton appears uncomfortable and tries to pull away from Biden, but he keeps the embrace going.

Take a look at the awkward hug:

According to CNN, Democrats are increasingly having to face questions over the accusation against Biden:

Top Democratic leaders and allies of Joe Biden are being asked to respond to an allegation of sexual assault leveled against the former vice president by Tara Reade, at a moment when many in the Democratic Party are eager to consolidate support for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Some of Biden's highest-profile surrogates -- including Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, as well as Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who ended his own 2020 campaign last week before endorsing Biden on Monday -- have confronted questions in recent days about the serious accusation brought forth by Reade, a woman who worked in Biden's Senate office in the early 1990s. The Biden campaign has denied the allegation.

Whitmer, a national co-chair of Biden's campaign and on his shortlist of vice presidential picks, was asked on NPR whether the allegation gives her any pause about supporting Biden. Whitmer has publicly discussed having been sexually assaulted while in college.

"Well, I think women should be able to tell their stories. I think that it is important that these allegations are vetted, from the media to beyond. And I think that, you know, it is something that no one takes lightly," Whitmer said. "But it is also something that is, you know, personal. And so it's hard to give you greater insight than that, not knowing more about the situation."

Klobuchar, also widely speculated about as a possible Biden running mate, similarly told NPR that "all women in these cases have the right to be heard and have their claims thoroughly reviewed." She pointed to the dozens of people who worked with Biden at the time of the alleged assault who had been interviewed by media outlets, and went on to say that she sees Biden as a "leader" on the issue of domestic abuse.

In an interview on CBS' "This Morning" this week, Sanders was asked if he believes it is legitimate and relevant to talk about Reade's allegation. "I think it's relevant to talk about anything. And I think any woman who feels that she was assaulted has every right in the world to stand up and make her claims," he responded.

Asked if Reade's claims should weigh significantly, the Vermont senator added: "I think that she has the right to make her claims and get a public hearing, and the public will make their own conclusions about it. I just don't know enough about it to comment further."

Brooks isn't the only celebrity to come out swinging against Alyssa Milano. Rose McGowan harshly criticized her in the following tweet for her defense of Biden:


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