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Senator Chris Murphy Places Blame for COVID Crisis on Trump, Not China


Why are Democrats so quick to defend China, regardless of its communist authoritarian practices?

Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, certainly sees no issue with it.

Appearing on CNN with Anderson Cooper, Murphy denounced the President and claimed he’s entirely responsible for the COVID crisis, not China. His criticism came right after President Trump announced he would halt aid to the WHO pending an investigation of the organization’s handling of the COVID pandemic.

Check out the clip of Senator Murphy below:

Fox News reports on the Senator's comments:

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., accused President Trump Tuesday night of shifting blame for the extent of the coronavirus pandemic onto China and the World Health Organization instead of accepting responsibility.

"The reason that we're in the crisis that we are today is not because of anything that China did, is not because of anything the WHO did. It's because of what this president did," Murphy told CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360". "It's because he didn't take this virus seriously. We weren't going to be able to keep every case out of the United States, but we didn't have to have tens of thousands of people dying."

Murphy spoke hours after Trump announced the administration would halt funding to the WHO while it investigates the global health agency's reponse to the pandemic.

The president claimed the outbreak could have been contained at its source and that lives could have been saved had the WHO done a better job investigating the early reports coming out of China.

“The WHO failed in its basic duty and must be held accountable,” Trump said.

People quickly took to Twitter and pointed out the fact that the Senator appeared to be completely absolving China of any wrongdoing:

It's frankly disheartening to hear the Senator place all of the blame on Trump. We now know that China initially downplayed the threat of the coronavirus. It's also possible the WHO mismanaged the COVID outbreak early on, which is why Trump has called for an investigation into the organization.

Over at Townhall, they had this to add about the matter:

Make no mistake, this spiel from Sen. Murphy is an attempt to gaslight the American people into blaming the Trump Administration for a virus that originated in China. Sen. Murphy shows no nuance in fully exonerating China, and his take is completely out of touch with reality. It is virtually irrefutable that the CCP lied about the stature of the coronavirus, and with the help of the World Health Organization (WHO), the CCP was able to cover up the real statistics, including the number of deaths, caused by the virus. 

The American people see through Democratic talking points, and overwhelmingly disagree with Sen. Murphy’s refusal to hold China accountable for their actions. An early April Harris poll shows that 67 percent of Democrats credit China for COVID-19, along with 75 percent of Independents and 90 percent of Republicans.


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