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Surgeon General Jerome Adams Slams Media for “Finger Pointing” at Trump Admin: “No More Bickering!”


It’s official: the leading spokesperson on matters of American public health has spoken out against the media.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams had harsh words for the media coverage of the coronavirus, chastising them for “finger-pointing” and politicizing the pandemic.

Adams encouraged the media to use their platforms and microphones to help the public. 

Instead of trying to blame the administration, Adams issued a call-to-arms to the media: broadcast “more stories on how people can protect themselves” and get the resources their need. 

See his incredible statement below:

Adams' statement comes less than 24 hours after President Trump declared a national State of Emergency.

During a presser in the Rose Garden, Trump outlined the administrations plans to combat the virus and provide relief and resources to the American people.

Rather than reporting on the strategic plan, the media used the opportunity to bash the administration.

This is why Adams decided to speak out and encourage the media to stop finger-pointing at the administration.

The Hill has more on Adams' statement to reporters in the White House:

Surgeon General Jerome Adams told White House reporters Saturday that there should be no more "criticism or finger-pointing" at the Trump administration's coronavirus response.

"We really need you all to lean into and prioritize the health and safety of the American people," Adams said at a briefing with Vice President Pence and other members of the White House's coronavirus task force.

"No more bickering. No more partisanship. No more criticism or finger-pointing," he continued. "There'll be plenty of time for that."

The Trump administration has come under intense scrutiny from members of Congress and the media for its lackluster response to the coronavirus, which has now infected at least 2,500 people in the U.S.

Members of Congress have been frustrated by the slow pace of testing, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the public health labs it works with completing only 16,542 tests since the first case was detected in the U.S. in January.


But Adams said there should be "more stories on how people can protect themselves, more on how people can get the resources that they need that we've unleashed from the federal government and state and local governments" and "less stories looking at what happened in the past. Again, there'll be time for that."

He's not wrong!

President Trump has already bought us plenty of time by restricting travel to foreign nationals who have visited China?

He even extended the temporary travel ban to most of Europe, with other countries potentially being added to the list as the virus spreads.

What exactly have Democrats done to help?

Of course, many in the media did not take the Surgeon General's words well.

In fact, many of them acted as though he attacked them personally.

See some of their angry reactions below:

The Surgeon General is right!

This is the time to put the health and the well-being of the public first, which is exactly what President Trump is doing.

The media and those in the Democratic party should follow his lead!

According to Mediate, the Surgeon General appeared on Fox News to call for unity behind the Trump administration's leadership:

The surgeon general then outlined that the U.S. is at a pivotal moment where unity as a nation is required.

“We are at a critical inflection point, in this country, where we need to flatten the curve,” said Adams.

“We have a choice — do we want to look more like South Korea with a lower mortality rate, or do we want to look more like Italy?”

Adams continued, “And if we want to look more like South Korea, at the end of this, then we need everyone to understand we are not going to solve this problem from Washington, D.C. — we are not going to solve it from CDC in Atlanta.”

“It will be solved at the community level and solved by people coming together,” Adams concluded.

We hope that the media take the Surgeon General's advice! But we're not going to hold our breath...

In the meantime, the one thing we can all do is continue to practice healthy hygiene and common sense social distancing

See some tips that the Surgeon General gave on protecting yourself from the coronavirus below:


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