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Jack Loudon: “Democrats aren’t fooling me or today’s youth. We see through their lies.”


I always love to share a positive story when I see one!

So much of the news can be negative or depressing or stressful, so when I see stuff like this I have to show you!

Please help me keep it going.

Meet Jack Loudon. 

I don’t know how old he is, but if I had to guess I’d say probably still in High School. 

Here’s how he describes himself on his Twitter profile:

Host: Next Generation Podcast. Freedom Enthusiast. Political Strategist. Content Creator.

I’m not sure exactly how old he is, but he sure seems a lot smarter to me than most of the “adults” in Congress!

I just watched his short two-minute video and I had to pass it along.

The kid is right.

Nice job, Jack!


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