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Pelosi Slammed for Attempting to Sneak Pro-Abortion Language into Coronavirus Bill


What do abortion and the coronavirus have in common?

Nothing… unless you include the fact that they both kill people.

But that didn’t stop Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from attempting to sneak pro-abortion language into the coronavirus response bill.

Pelosi has been slammed for attempting to take advantage of a loop hole to fund abortions with tax payer money.

Even MSNBC’s Joy Reid appeared to turn against Pelosi for the brash move.

See more details below:

Pelosi has been accused of using the coronavirus epidemic to create an "abortion" slush fund.

While the media continue to slam Republicans and the administration for a "slow" response, they fail to report on all the road bumps that Democrats like Pelosi are putting into place.

Fox News has more on the blowback as well as Pelosi's alleged scheme:

MSNBC host Joy Reid tweeted Thursday about reports that the proposed emergency spending bill from House Democrats to combat the coronavirus outbreak was halted over a dispute involving abortion.

According to White House officials, the administration had not supported the House bill as it was drafted. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin continues to work with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. on changing some language.

One senior administration official said described it as "serious concerns." Among issues cited: Medicaid increases with no structural reform, no Hyde protections, and PREP act language.

Reid took to Twitter and reacted to one of her colleague's reporting on the dust-up between Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

"Wow... @kasie just reported that Republicans' objections to the House Democrats' emergency coronavirus bill include issues related to abortion. What does that have to do with COVID19...?" Reid asked.

The Daily Caller reported on Thursday that Pelosi sought funding as what was described as a "loophole" around the Hyde Amendment, which outlaws taxpayer-funded abortions, among other things included in the bill.

"One was a mandate for up to $1 billion to reimburse laboratory claims, which White House officials say would set a precedent of health spending without protections outlined in the Hyde Amendment," Daily Caller senior White House correspondent Christian Datoc reported.

Others joined Reid in tweeting about the alleged funding.

This move comes as news has recently broken of an Illinois mayor signing an executive order to ban the sale of guns during the coronavirus pandemic.

It appears that Democrats across the nation are using the crisis to slowly forward their agenda.

Fortunately, Republicans are contintuing to call them out for their antics.

See Donald Trump Jr.'s thoughts on the matter below:

If Pelosi had successfully gotten this passed by hiding it in the coronavirus bill, then up to $1 billion in tax payer funds could have gone to fund abortions.

Fortunatley, the language around abortion funding was caught and was removed from the bill.

But why would Pelosi event attempt to sneak in the language in the first place?

The Western Journal has more on Pelosi's move and the White House's response:

Taking advantage of a worldwide pandemic to push for more abortions is something only a mind like that of Nancy Pelosi could think of.

Multiple White House officials have claimed that the speaker of the House attempted to include federal funding for abortion in a bill to fight coronavirus, The Daily Caller reported.

Officials told the outlet that during negotiations Pelosi lobbied for “several” partisan provisions that made the bill untenable.

She wanted as much as $1 billion for reimbursements of laboratory claims, which officials said “would set a precedent of health spending without protections outlined in the Hyde Amendment.”

The Hyde Amendment stops federal funding from going to clinics that perform abortions.

Democrats have been on a mission to get President Donald Trump to end the Hyde Amendment from day one of his administration and this appears to be the latest, lowest attempt.

“A new mandatory funding stream that does not have Hyde protections would be unprecedented,” one White House official told The Daily Caller.

“Under the guise of protecting people, Speaker Pelosi is working to make sure taxpayer dollars are spent covering abortion — which is not only backwards, but goes against historical norms.”

Another anonymous official referred to what Pelosi wants as a “slush fund.” A third asked “what the Hyde Amendment and abortion have to do with protecting Americans from coronavirus?”

The abortion funding was eventually pulled out of the negotiations, Politico reported.

And while the White House suggested the lower chamber spend a day or two considering the bill, Pelosi seemed to shoot the idea down.

It appears the coronavirus isn't the only thing we should be worried about these days: we should be on the lookout for Democrats attempting to use this crisis to further their agenda.

Furthermore, this continues to create a stark difference for voters between Trump's strong leadership... and Democrats' attempts to politicize the virus!

Will Democrats continue to obstruct?

Or will they learn their lesson and work with the president to fight for the American people?

Now is the time for leadership, not politics!


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