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Trump Declares State of Emergency with Unified Strength; Pence, Fauci, Walmart CEO McMillon & Competitors Like Target Present


President Trump just displayed an incredible show of unified strength.

Standing in the Rose Garden surrounded by Vice President Mike Pence, Dr. Fauci, and the CEOs of Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, and many other major corporations, President Trump declared a State of Emergency to comat the coronavirus.

By declaring a State of Emergency, $50 billion will immediately become available to help fight this pandemic.

During the conference, Trump announced that 1.4 million new tests will be available next week. It is expected that up to 5 million will be available by the end of the month.

But this was just the beginning.

There were many announcements that caught the media off guard.

See more of the late-breaking news below:

Trump showcased incredible unity.

By bringing together CEOs of competing companies to fight the coronavirus, Trump is leading by example.

Parkings lots at Walmart, for example, will become drive through testing centers, where Americans can get tested without having to leave their car.

Results can be expected back in as little as 24 hours.

While China had to build hospitals to combat the coronavirus, the federal government will partner with the private sector to massively scale our ability to provide testing and subsequent health care to Americans.

NBC has more on the major announcements, which includes a temporary pause on interest on federal student loans:

President Donald Trump on Friday announced a new series of measures to combat the coronavirus and treat those who are affected, while pushing back on criticism that his administration was unprepared to confront the pandemic.

Speaking in the White House Rose Garden, Trump declared a national emergency that could free up $50 billion to help fight the pandemic and said that he was empowering the secretary of Health and Human Services to waive certain laws and regulations to ensure the virus can be contained and patients treated.

"To unleash the full power of the federal government … I am officially declaring a national emergency," Trump said.

"Two very big words," he added.

Trump said the action would "open up access" to up to $50 billion "for states and territories and localities in our shared fight against this disease."

Flanked by Vice President Mike Pence, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and other top federal officials and corporate executives from companies such as Walmart, Trump said that the ability to waive certain laws and regulations would allow for easier admission to nursing homes and end limits on the length of hospital stays and the number of beds available.


After the corporate leaders spoke, Trump and other officials finally announced additional measures to confront the pandemic, which included the waiving of interest on federal student loans and the purchase of “large quantities” of oil for the U.S. strategic oil reserve. Officials also said they would be offering guidance to suspend all visitations to nursing homes, with exceptions being made only for end-of-life situations.

This is a stark contrast to the narrative painted by the media, which has suggested that the administration was unprepared for the crisis.

However, today's conference shows that Trump is a visionary leader who is willing to take bold, responsible action in order to protect the nation!

After 9/11, Americans came together united and stronger than ever.

The coronavirus is an epidemic that will impact every American regardless of political affiliation, gender, or ethnicity.

Trump brought together CEOs of competing companies to show that we can work together to defeat the coronavirus.

These companies will partner with government agencies to make sure that Americans who need to get tested are able to get tested.

Business Insider has more on the coronavirus testing stations:

Walmart will be turning part of its parking lots into coronavirus testing stations.

At a White House press conference on Friday, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon spoke about the urgency of creating testing stations.

"When we got the call yesterday from the White House, we were eager to do our part to help serve the country," McMillon said. "And given what we are facing that is certainly important to do. We should all be doing that."

The US lags behind other countries in its per capita testing for the virus. This has triggered concerns that inaccurate reporting woefully underestimates the actual number of coronavirus cases in the country.

"We have been asked to make portions of our parking lot available in select locations in the beginning, and scaling over time as the supply increases, so that people can experience the drive-thru experience that the president described. We'll stay involved and do everything we can from a supply-chain point of view to be of assistance," McMillon said.

CVS and Walgreens also plan to dedicate portions of their parking lots for coronavirus testing. In a statement emailed to Business Insider, a CVS spokesperson clarified that "individuals being tested will not have to leave their cars."

The State of Emergency showed strength, not panic.

The stock market rallied after the press conference.

The visual of the President of the United States surrounded by the Vice President, CEOs of major corporations, physicians, and the heads of virtually every government health department is the show of leadership we needed from Trump... and he DELIVERED!


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