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Virginia Democrats Pass Bill Giving Driver Privilege Cards to Illegals


Aren’t political representatives supposed to enact the will of the people?

Well, Democrats in Virginia have decided to pass legislation for illegal aliens, not the citizens of their state.

How nice. 

The new bill gives illegal aliens driver privilege cards, thereby giving them the “right to drive.”

For American citizens, however, the driving is considered a privilege… one that must be earned.

The Democrat-sponsored bill means that illegals in Virginia can drive and that police will be unable to pull them over for driving without a license.

More on the new bill below:

There are over 300,000 illegal aliens in the state of Virginia.

Thanks to Senate Democrats, they could be allowed to drive legally within the state without a license.

Many are concerned about the lack of driver's insurance. 

Who would be responsible and who would pay damages if an illegal hits a citizen but doesn't have insurance or the means to cover the cost?

Breitbart has more on the bill and the potential ramifications:

Elected Democrats in Virginia are preparing to give thousands of illegal aliens residing in the state “driver privilege cards” that allow them to freely drive without being pulled over by police for driving without a license.

This weekend, state Senate Democrats in Virginia passed legislation to allow thousands of the roughly 300,000 illegal aliens living in the state to obtain driver privilege cards that will allow them to drive vehicles.

The legislation mandates illegal aliens to file a tax return or be listed as a dependent on a tax return in order to obtain the driver privilege card. Proponents of the plan said the card will explicitly state that those with the card are not eligible to vote in elections.

The move is just the latest item from Virginia’s newly-minted liberal agenda since Democrats won the governor’s mansion, the state legislature, and the lieutenant governor’s office. Those victories, the New York Times noted, were cemented by a “tidal wave” of mass legal immigration to the state over the past 30 years.

Securing driver’s licenses for illegal aliens has been a nationwide initiative by the open borders lobby as part of an effort to prevent large populations of illegal aliens from ever being turned over to federal immigration officials and thus avoiding deportation from the United States.

Virginia recently became a blue state.

This is due to the legalized mass immigration to the state.

Many are worried that driver privilege cards may bring the country one step closer to mass amnesty.

This isn't the only bill that Virginia Democrats debated.

There was another proposal that pushed for illegal alience to be able to apply for full-fledged driver's licenses.

Fortunately, there does not appear to be enough support behind that proposed bill.

Virginia Senate Democrats also purposefully drafted this bill to make it harder for federal immigration agencies to catch illegal aliens.

The local Prince William Times has more on the intentional language that Virginia Democrats used in the bill:

The privilege cards will also state that they are not to be used for voting or federal benefits.

The language lawmakers adopted is drafted to block federal officials from obtaining a list of applicants. That was included to address concerns that the information could be used to target undocumented immigrants for immigration enforcement purposes.

Advocates supporting the legislation packed the House and Senate galleries for the votes.

“The ability to drive and live your daily life and be able to go work, take your kids to school … without additional stress, worry and fear will be tremendously life-changing,” Tran said.

The Washington Times also confirms that local state authorities will not be able to pursue illegal aliens as well:

They give illegals the ability to bypass that whole “driving without a license” ticket or arrest from police.

“I cannot tell you all how important this is for about 300,000 people living in Virginia,” said Sen. Scott Survell, a Democrat for the 38th District, as quoted in the Prince William Times. The same Prince William Times that called the illegals “undocumented immigrants.”

According to John March, who is the Virginia GOP spokesperson, "Instead of working on behalf of their constituents, Democrats chose to work on behalf of illegal immigrants."

We couldn't agree more.

What a shame!

Our political representatives work for we the people!


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