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Joe Biden Snaps, Curses At Factory Worker: “You’re Full of S—“


Umm, Joe… you’re supposed to make your case to the American people, not curse them in the face!

During an auto manufacturing tour at a campaign stop in Michigan, Joe Biden yelled, “You’re full of s—!” to a factory worker who asked a question.

The factory worker approached Biden, wanting to know what Biden would do about the Second Amendment if elected president.

Biden, of course, had previously talked about appointing Beto O’Rourke to his cabinet, so it was a valid concern.

O’Rourke has infamously commented on confescating guns from legal, Second-Amendment abiding citizens.

Instead of responding to the concern, Biden opted to curse: “You’re full of s—!”

See the video of the explosive exchange below:

But that's not all.

Biden also called the factory worker a "horse's a--."

The worker claimed that "You're working for me, man."

To any astute political observer, the auto worker obviously was nodding to the fact that the president himself is a civil servant, working on the behalf of all Americans.

However, Biden quickly fired back.

NBC News has more details on the testy altercation:

The heated altercation happened during a meet-and-greet with workers at a Fiat Chrysler assembly plant ahead of Michigan's crucial primary. While supporters were waiting in line, Biden was immediately confronted by a worker who claimed the former vice president would try to do away his Second Amendment right after seeing videos of him and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, talking gun control.

“You’re full of s---,” Biden said. “I did not.”

O’Rourke, who endorsed Biden last week, dropped out of the 2020 Democratic field in November. The former Texas lawmaker O’Rourke made gun control central to his candidacy, supporting not just background checks and an assault weapons ban but a mandatory gun buyback program.

"Hell yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47," he said during September's Democratic debate. "We're not going to allow it to be used against our fellow Americans anymore."

Biden told the worker he would ban assault weapons, not confiscate all guns. Biden told the unidentified man that he owns guns because he himself would go hunting with his sons.

The man continued to press Biden on guns, almost physically pushing up against the former vice president.

“You’re working for me man,” the worker told him.

“I'm not working for you, gimme a break man. Don't be such a horse's a--,” Biden responded.

We all know that if President Trump had said this, it would be on all the cable networks nonstop.

We'd hear pundits talking about the degradation and erosion of civil discourse.

Yet, it appears that Biden's teetering campaign gets a pass from the media yet again.

In the span of less than two minutes, Joe Biden cursed a voter, told another one to "shush," misrepresented prior statements on gun control, and generally lost his cool.

If this is Joe's attempt to be less "sleepy" on the campaign trail... well, maybe he should go back to being sleepy.

Some factory workers were even shouting "Trump, Trump, Trump" in the background.

According to Reuters:

When Biden left the auto plant, owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, videos show some workers shouting “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

The flashes of temper are a double-edged sword for Biden because some supporters like his authenticity while his opponents use them to question his mental fitness. Some weeks ago, he called a woman “a lying dog-faced pony soldier” in a moment that went viral.

Biden backs the constitutional right to bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment, but like other Democratic candidates, he supports universal background checks for gun sales.

He also endorses renewing an expired assault weapons ban imposed in the 1990s and proposals for a federal gun buyback program to reduce the number of weapons on the street.

The National Rifle Association, the largest U.S. gun advocacy group, took to Twitter and said Biden “screamed” at the “patriot.”

“Joe: Gun owners see through your lies,” the organization said.

Biden hopes to take a big step toward the Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday when six states cast votes, while his chief rival Bernie Sanders aims for an upset win in Michigan that would keep his White House hopes alive.

Thank you, Joe, for giving Democrats a masterclass on how to lose the Rust Belt. 


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