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Dr. Ben Carson: “…if Jesus Christ was on the [C-Virus] committee, they would have a complaint about that!”


When President Trump announced that Vice President Pence would lead the task force fighting against the coronavirus, many Democrats mocked the decision.

AOC, a former bartender, even said that Pence was “unqualified” to lead the response.

Now, Dr. Ben Carson is brilliantly rising to Pence’s defense.

Carson, a famous surgeon and former presidential candidate, was added to the coronavirus task force and is using Democrats’ own attacks against them.

More details can be seen below:

During a news conference, Dr. Carson slammed Democrats for their partisan politcal attacks against the Trump administration.

Carson is a highly regarded and renowned neurosurgeon. 

Prior to pursuing a career in politics and public service, he was famous in the medical field for separating conjoined twins.

Dr. Carson used his credentials as a physician to defende the Vice President and scold the Democrats for shallow attacks.

The Western Journal has details on the press conference where Dr. Carson spoke:

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson defended the coronavirus task force’s handling of the virus from partisan political attacks this week at a news conference.

Carson, who recently joined the task force, defended its efforts to contain the spread of the potentially deadly infectious disease.

“I want to thank the vice president and the president for a very aggressive and careful leadership,” he said Wednesday.

Carson, who was a renowned neurosurgeon before beginning his career in politics and public service, added: “I was involved throughout my neurosurgical career in a lot of very, very complex cases and dealt with a lot of renowned physicians.

“But I must say that the people on this task force are extremely impressive, have been considering all of the various different possibilities, outlining scenarios for all the possibilities that can occur.”

Carson added he believes the risks associated with contracting the disease are low, “largely because of the aggressive actions that have been taken and are continuing to be taken every day.”

The HUD secretary also praised pharmaceutical companies for working together “voluntarily” in order to help to find a way to manage potential outbreaks.

“Wouldn’t that be a great lesson for the politicians?” he joked.

Carson’s comments came in response to partisan criticism of President Donald Trump’s handling of his administration’s preparedness of a possible outbreak of the virus.

Criticism of the Trump administration's response is especially questionable since Trump took strong action early-on to limit travel from China.

Scientists have quietly admited that Trump's early actions have helped save lives.

But Ben Carson has a point.

Rather than focusing on the credentials of Trump's coronavirus task force, the media would rather focus on non-issues like the racial diversity of the force itself.

Take a look at CNN's criticism that many have called "race-baiting."

Carson also assured the public that the task force is staying ahead of the virus and slowing its spread. 

He also suggested that Democrats would be upset no matter what.

"I suspect if Jesus Christ was on the committee, they would have a complaint about that," Dr. Carson added.

Aside from his medial expertise, Dr. Carson is also making sure that the administration is upfront about all things coronavirus-related.

The Hill reports that Dr. Carson said the administration will not "sugarcoat" coronavirus messaging:

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson, a member of the administration's coronavirus task force, told House members Wednesday the administration is not “sugarcoating” coronavirus messaging.

Carson's statement regarding the coronavirus and the administration's task force came during a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing to discuss the HUD budget.

During the hearing, Carson was questioned by Appropriations subcommittee on housing and urban development Chairman David Price (D-N.C.) who asked, "Can you assure us that you and the task force will be supporting the recommendations of public health professionals and ensure that our public response and public communication about the response are based on the facts and science?"

Carson responded, saying, “We want to make sure it’s completely transparent, it's not sugar-coated, it’s not used in any way as a political tool."

The line of question comes as concerns over messaging have risen due to the administration’s characterization of the virus that, at times, differs from the scientific community.

It's time for Democrats to stop playing politics and to work with the Trump administration to keep American safe!

Members of the coronavirus task force held a conference, which is where Dr. Carson made his comments defending Vice President Pence.

You can view the press conference in its entirety below:


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