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Fox News Allows Debate Cheater Donna Brazile to Tell RNC Chair: “Ronna, Go to Hell”


Donna Brazile doth protest too much…

And Fox News?

Well… it doth protest too little, say some analysts.

During a heated discussion on America’s Newsroom, Brazile told RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to “go to hell.”


Instead of defending her viewpoint with facts and reason, Brazile exploded with profanities on live television.

See the Brazile’s outburst below:

GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel was quick to respond, stating that she totally understood why Brazile was having a "bad day."

See McDaniel's fiery response below!

Many commentators are agitated that Fox News allowed Brazile to come back that same day for Super Tuesday analysis.

Within 24 hours of cursing out the GOP chairwoman, Brazile appeared on the network at least 3 separate times.

Some are asking: wouldn't a conservative analyst who said the exact same thing towards the DNC chair be immediately taken off the air or put on probation?

Daniel John Sobieski of the American Thinker is a former editorial writer for Investor's Business Daily who found Fox News' lack of a response... odd:

Donna Brazile, the disgraced former DNC leader and newly minted Fox News contributor who leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton, got away with swearing at RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on Tuesday morning, instead of being pulled from the air immediately, as Fox would have cheerfully done to any conservative analyst who had similarly ranted before telling, say, the DNC Chair, to similarly "go to Hell."

McDaniel had appeared earlier on America's Newsroom and opined that perhaps the withdrawal of Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg and the support of Beto O'Rourke were part of deal-making that included future Cabinet positions and other future considerations in exchange for their endorsements and conveniently all showing up together at Joe Biden's rally before the crucial Texas primary.  McDaniel suggested, based on the 2016 nominating shenanigans, that perhaps the DNC was once again conspiring to deny Bernie Sanders its nomination for president.  This was the partisan analysis of a political operative in an election year, an opinion she was entitled to express, an opinion well grounded in the historical record.

This struck a nerve with Brazile, who, asked to comment on McDaniel's analysis, went off on a borderline incoherent rant that stunned newsroom co-hosts Ed Henry and Sandra Smith, who said nothing to correct the record or apologize to an equally stunned audience as Brazile went off the rails:

Again, it is hard to imagine a GOP or conservative getting away with this vitriol.  Russian talking points?  Really?  Fox's idea of analysis is to provide a forum for Brazile to cry, "Russia, Russia, Russia"?  So impressed was Fox with Brazile's eloquent and cogent analysis that she was back in the evening for post-election analysis and on Fox and Friends the following morning.  This is typical for a Fox News that has been veering to the left of late, a recent example being Neil Cavuto's rewriting of history when he agreed with guest A.B. Stoddatd that Trump lost all his 2016 debates with "cringe-worthy" performances.

See responses on Twitter calling for Donna to be fired and for Fox News to take action. 

Of course, Fox News is still a trusted source for many conservatives. 

But recent hires such as Donna Brazile has left some viewers scratching their heads.

President Trump is one of them.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Trump accused the network of being too "politically correct."

Mediate has more from the interview:

President Donald Trump ripped into Fox News in an interview Wednesday night with Fox News primetime host Sean Hannity — citing “difficulties” with the cable news giant.

Early on in the 45-minute phone interview, Trump went on an unprovoked riff against Fox News after Hannity asked about Joe Biden’s gaffes.

“Well, look, I don’t want to be too critical, I’ve never seen anything like it, to be honest, and I’m sure that the Democrats are saying the same thing,” Trump said. “But they would rather have him than Bernie [Sanders], and Bernie doesn’t make too many gaffes, but Bernie has his own difficulties.”

The president pivoted to blast the press.

“But the way they push, you know, the media is all on their side, when I say all, all but a little bit, including yourselves and some of the folks on Fox,” Trump told Hannity.

Trump went on to list a few personalities who support him, including radio kingpin Rush Limbaugh (whom Trump incorrectly cited as working at Fox News), Fox News host Mark Levin, and Fox Business host Lou Dobbs. But then he also referenced “little difficulties” with the network at large.

“You have some great people, you have Rush, who is doing I hear really well, much better and Mark Levin. We have a lot of support. You would be amazed, we have a lot of support. The great Lou Dobbs, so many people we have as supporters out of just our Fox News, which, you know, I have my own little difficulties with, if you want to know the truth.”

Trump ripped the network for featuring “inappropriate” people on its air who say “very, very false things.”

The commander-in-chief then doled out the highest of insults among conservatives, billing the network an outfit looking to be “politically correct.”

So far, Brazile has refused to retract her outburst.

Will she issue an apology?

For the sake of civil discourse... we hope so!


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