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Unhinged Democrat Lawmaker Garamendi Threatens Physical Violence Against Don Jr.


Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) strikes again!

As Donald Trump Jr. warned of the politicization of the coronavirus, TDS reared its ugly head.

Democratic lawmaker, John Garamendi (D-CA) threatened physical violence against Don Jr.


Because Don Jr. went on Fox and Friends to exercise his First Amendment right to share his opinion.

Watch below as Don Jr. says that Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus and hoping that they can use it to destroy the president:

Trump Jr. simply said what many voters are already thinking: that the Democrats and left-wing media are using the coronavirus as yet another tactic to try to stop Trump from winning re-election.

“I don’t know if this is coronavirus or Trump Derangement Syndrome, but these people are infected badly,” Don Jr. said.

Well, if Rep. Garamendi's response is any indication, it's likely TDS.

Garamendi appeared on MSNBC and threatened Don Jr. with physical violence!

The Hill has more on Garamendi's threatening comments:

Rep. John Garamendi (D-Calif.) on Friday threatened a "serious altercation" with Donald Trump Jr. after the president's eldest son said Democrats "seemingly hope" that the coronavirus comes to the U.S. "and kills millions of people so that they can end Donald Trump’s streak of winning."

“He should not be near me when he says that,” Garamendi said during an interview with MSNBC's Hallie Jackson.

“Why not?” Jackson asked.

“There would be a serious altercation,” the congressman replied. “That is just totally outrageous. I can assure you that there’s not a Democrat or Republican in Congress that wants anybody to be sick.”

“Don Jr. better not get close to me,” Garamendi added. “It would not be a healthy situation.”

Earlier Friday, Trump Jr. accused Democrats of politicizing the spread of the coronavirus.

“Anything that they can use to try to hurt Trump, they will," Trump Jr. said. "But for them to try to take a pandemic and seemingly hope that it comes here and kills millions of people so that they could end Donald Trump’s streak of winning is a new level of sickness."

You can view Garamendi's shocking comments below:

After Garamendi's threat of violence, there was no pushback or surprise from MSNBC!

This is especially ironic when you consider that the media often likes to paint Trump supporters as violent.

Yet when a Democrat lawmaker threatens violence on live television, there's no response from the host or network!

A spokesman for Don Jr. has issued a response, tearing into Rep. Garamendi. 

The statement was provided to Fox News:

A spokesman for Donald Trump Jr. ripped Rep. John Garamendi, D-Calif., and MSNBC anchor Hallie Jackson Friday after the lawmaker said he would get into a "serious altercation" with the president's eldest son after he defended the administration's response to the coronavirus threat.

"The outrageous remarks from Congressman Garamendi were beyond the pale and should be universally condemned by Republicans and Democrats alike,"  spokesman Andy Surabian, told Fox News on Friday.

"Almost as outrageous as the Congressman’s comments was the lack of pushback or condemnation from MSNBC host Hallie Jackson, whose silence about political violence aimed towards a member of the first family, was truly deafening."

In Surabian's statement to Fox News, he added that Garamendi was better suited to represent "Antifa," the violent left-wing organization that repeatedly protests the president.

"By threatening Don Jr. with physical violence on national TV, Congressman Garamendi made clear to everyone watching that he is better suited to represent Antifa than the people of California’s 3rd Congressional district," Surabian said. "He should apologize immediately."

Garamendi appeared to threaten Trump Jr. earlier Friday while discussing the coronavirus outbreak on MSNBC. Jackson had asked the congressman about Trump Jr.'s remark on "Fox & Friends" that Democrats apparently hope that the virus "comes here, and kills millions of people so they can end Donald Trump's streak of winning."

When the president and his family are fighting day and night to protect the American people, are these threats from Democratic lawmakers really necessary?


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