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Man At First Trump Rally: “We are 100% Mexican and we’re proud to be American. We support Trump!”


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Another Mainstream Media narrative destroyed.

I love this guy from Saturday’s Trump Rally.

He says this is his first Trump Rally.

It was so fun, so friendly!

“Where are all the racists?” he asks with a glimmer in his eye.

“I thought there were supposed to be a lot of racists here….where are they?”

‪“This is my first rally,” Moses shared with me.‬

‪“I used to be a Democrat.”‬

‪“I felt so comfortable here.”‬

‪“Me & my wife are from El Paso. We support @DonaldJTrump . We are 100% Mexican & we’re proud to be American!”‬

Watch it here:

The comments are great to read too:


Welcome to the Trump Train sir, we're happy to have you here!




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