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Red Wave: Arizona Trump Rally Maxed Out with 22,000 in Overflow



Arizona just showed the rest of the country how to rally!

If Trump’s Phoenix rally is any indication, Arizona will vote to Keep America Great this November!

The rally is packed to capacity!

In fact, by 3:00 pm, the Veterans Memorial Coliseum was already at max capacity.

Check it out!

But that's not all...

Now that the rally is underway, it's clear how much enthusiasm there is behind the Trump campaign in Arizona.

The coliseum, which seats approximately 12,000, was at capacity by 3 pm. 

There are an estimated 22,000 additional Trump supporters in overflow outside the Trump rally!

That's HUGE!

The images and videos speak for themselves:

While the Democrats snap at each other over socialist policies on tonight's debate stage, Trump is making his case for re-election straight to the American people.

Trump is happy to celebrate the country and his accomplishments in Arizona!

According to FOX News:

Trump focused on the economic record of his administration, saying that his administration has set 144 records on the stock market.

"From our rural communities to our inner cities we are expanding the American blessings. We added 225,000 jobs last month, did you see that?" He added, "Many were manufacturing jobs that were never going to come back. Right? You need a magic wand to make them come back. They came back."

Trump touted the unemployment rate, saying it was the lowest it's been in 51 years, adding that the average unemployment rate during his tenure was the lowest of any U.S. president in recorded history. He added that unemployment for African Americans, Hispanics, women, veterans, disabled people and workers without a high school diploma was the lowest ever recorded.

Trump said his administration had lifted 10 million people off welfare. "And happily!" he added. "They have jobs and they love going for work, and if they don't like that job they can get another one because people are starving to get great employees."

Trump then said that he was "cutting regulations like nobody has ever cut," and helped the U.S. to achieve energy independence for the first time. "Such beautiful words!"

Trump said that Washington Democrats were "more extreme than ever before."

"They're taking it from crazy Bernie," he said. Pivoting to health care, Trump said 180 million Americans would lose coverage under Sen. Bernie Sanders' health-care plan.

"Remember they built the $5 billion website?" Trump said, referring to the website unveiled with the ObamaCare health plan, which initially was fraught with bugs and glitches. "Barron could have built you a website for about $2," Trump said, referring to his son.

That's an amazing record to run on!

No wonder the people of Arizona were so excited for the Trump rally in Phoenix tonight!

Turns out people were lining up for HOURS (if not days) just to be guaranteed a seat inside the coliseum.

Prior to the rally, officials said they expected 20,000 people to attend.

It's clear that the people of Arizona have blown those expectations out of the water!

With 22,000 attendees in overflow, it's clear the Trump train is full steam ahead!

Fox 10 Phoenix has the scoop:

Supporters of President Trump were lining up Wednesday outside the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix hours before his scheduled evening rally.

Some people arrived as early as Tuesday for the gathering in the capital of Arizona, which is expected to be a swing state during the 2020 presidential contest. The supporters included people who drove in from neighboring California.

Authorities have said they expect some 20,000 people at the event inside the coliseum, which is located on the Arizona State Fairgrounds near 19th Ave. and Encanto Blvd.

It looks like Arizona is the place to be tonight!


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