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New Bill Advances to Name Oklahoma Highway After Trump

Forget about the “highway to hell.”

There’s a new highway in town…

And it’s called the highway to prosperity!

That’s right: the President Donald J Trump Highway may soon become a reality.

A new bill has advanced in Oklahama to name a stretch of 20 mile highway after President Trump.

Check it out!

How cool is that?!

But wait, there's more!

There may also be a "MAGA" license plat option. 

The license plate would read "America First," a clear nod to President Trump's Make America Great Again and Keep America Great themes.

KWTV News 9, the local station in Oklahoma City, has more details on the proposal:

A bill to rename a section of highway in the panhandle for President Trump narrowly passes in a senate committee.

The bill passed five to four, but there were plenty of questions about whether it’s even legal.

State senator Nathan Dahm (R) Broken Arrow wants to name a 20-mile section of highway from Boise City to the Texas Oklahoma Border, the President Donald J Trump Highway, in part because of the high voter turnout in Cimarron County for the president.

Opponents wondered whether the bill breaks the law.

“It’s my understanding that we have some clear guidelines as to how bridges and highways can be named based on individuals that have been deceased not less than three years,” said Senator Carri Hicks (D) Oklahoma City.

Dahm replied, “If you read the very beginning of it, it says notwithstanding any other provision of law.  So that three-year qualifier does not apply to this bill.”

Senator Bill Coleman (R) Ponca City said, “When I look at the statute I cannot get my arms around how this is legal according to state statute that clearly says a person must be deceased at least three years.  And I watched the Daytona 500 Sunday and he looked to be alive and kicking quite well.”

Dahm replied, “When President Obama was in office there were several roads and highways that were named for him while he was in office in addition to schools that were named after him.  Even different animals and insects as they were discovered that were named for him while he was in office as well.”

Excitement around the proposal is building on Twitter.

Furthermore, it is being reported that proceeds from the license plates would go to help two veterans organizations!

Now that the bill has passed through a Senate committe, it will be heard by the whole Senate.

The bill passed the Senate committee by 5-4.

The Oklahoman has more details below:

The signage would be paid for by legislators who support the measure. Previously, the intent was to change the name of a section of the historic Route 66 highway, but the location was changed after pushback from state officials.

Dahm authored another bill creating 'America First' license plates that also passed out of the Senate Transportation Committee.

This measure replaced earlier efforts to create two license plates stating 'Make America Great Again' and 'Keep America Great Again.'

“We felt it would be easier to have one license plate instead of two,” he said. “Talking about America first is something that everybody should be able to get behind.”

Part of the proceeds from the license plate will go toward two veterans organizations.

Both bills are up to be heard by the full Senate.

This story is still developing.


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