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Evangelical Women Pray Over Trump, Ask God to Give Him “Power Like None Other”


For someone who the media likes to describe as sexist… 

For someone the media likes to describe as godless… 

President Trump sure has a lot of Evangelical women praying over him!

At least a dozen evangelical women prayed over President Trump, placing hands on him and asking God to give him “power like none other.”

Check this out!

Breitbart shared more details on the prayer.

At least a dozen evangelical women prayed over President Donald Trump when he made an unplanned appearance Wednesday at his hotel in Washington, DC. obtained the video that shows Trump in the middle of the group of women at the Trump International Hotel, as they prayed over him with their arms outstretched and hands laid upon him:

One woman led the prayer, saying:

Holy Father, we thank you so much for this evening. We thank you for this man of God. We thank you for his courage of standing up when others would rather stay seated.

Father, we ask you that you protect him. That you lift him up, that you give him strength and know that he must be tired at times. And we just pray that you give him power like none other. We love him, we hold him up, and we thank you. Amen.

Check out the powerful footage for yourself!

Envangelical women lay their hands on President Trump, whose head is bowed in prayer.

What a powerful moment!

Of course, there will be some people who are skeptical of the event.

It's likely that pundits in the media may label this as a PR stunt to court the evangelical base.

However, it reports indicate that this prayer was completely unplanned.

This appears to be a truly organic outpouring of prayer and support.

The Daily Mail reports that Trump made an unexpected appearance at an event hosted in his Washington D.C. hotel.

According to one woman in attendance, Rachel Faulkner Brown, the group had 'no idea' Trump was coming to their reception.  

Faulkner Brown, an Atlanta-based speaker for Be Still Ministries and pro-life activist, posted to Instagram about Trump's visit and referenced the prayer circle.  

'We prayed tonight for @realdonaldtrump because we all need to be prayed for, we all need to be loved and we all will thrive in freedom. Hail to the Chief tonight...WHAT A DAY! #ifyoudonthavelifeyoucanhaveliberty #vote #prolife,' she wrote.

The president spoke in front of the crowd while standing at a podium inscribed with the Trump Hotels insignia, rather than the presidential seal.

He appears to have spoken about the 'founder of ISIS', calling him a 'tough character' that you 'don't find too easily'.

He then thanked his supporters and gave a special thank you to evangelical preacher Paula White, who is in her third marriage to Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain.

White made remarks as well, gushing about her decades-long friendship with Trump and told of how he would pray with her family for hours at a time before she called for 'four more years'.

The powerful images continue to make the rounds online.

This is a good sign heading into the November 2020 elections.

According to polls compiled by the Western Journal, Trump continues to enjoy strong support among evangelicals despite Democrat efforts to pry them away

Polls show that evangelicals remain strongly behind Trump, while stories of that support waning remain very anecdotal.

At least from the reception he got on Wednesday, we can tell that these evangelicals remain strongly behind the president.

In the rest of the country, at least as it comes to the 2020 election, it’s difficult to see things being much different.

The media, it seems, still doesn’t get it — no matter how many stories they run about repentant Iowa evangelicals that they seem to believe are representative of the faith community as a whole.

And all God's children said: Amen!


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