Utah Rep. Phil Lyman Moves to Censure Romney Over Impeachment Vote

Utah Rep. Phil Lyman Moves to Censure Romney Over Impeachment Vote

Every action has a consequence.

After Utah Senator Mitt Romney voted to convict Trump, the state’s lawmakers moved quickly to distance themselves from the U.S. Senator.

The Salt Lake Tribute reports:

Utah lawmakers are asking their colleagues to send a message of support to President Donald Trump by censuring Sen. Mitt Romney over his impeachment vote and issuing a formal statement “paying tribute” to the nation’s chief executive.

State officials wasted no time Thursday in distancing themselves from Romney, R-Utah, who joined Senate Democrats on Wednesday in voting to convict Trump for abuse of power and remove the president from office. He was the only Republican to break ranks with his party during the impeachment process.

Rep. Phil Lyman, R-Blanding, early Thursday announced that he had filed a resolution to censure Romney, saying the senator’s judgment was questionable even if his motives were pure. While the censure seemed to be a nonstarter with Senate leadership, a more conciliatory resolution surfaced later in the day. After a “tense” meeting with Romney, House Speaker Brad Wilson revealed that he and Senate President Stuart Adams are jointly filing a resolution offering tribute to Trump for supporting Utah.

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The bill, Recall of United States Senator, is already public on the Utah State Legislature website for review.

Lyman drafted the bill in late January, but waited to make it public until it was clear which way Romney would vote.

Even Marco Rubio, who ran a bitter campaign against Trump in the 2016 primaries, was critical of Romney’s vote.

During the Democrat debate on Friday night, Romney received a standing ovation. This is the exact reason conservatives don’t trust RINOs.

But let’s be honest: we know the real reason Romney voted to convict Trump.

It has nothing to do with “principle” or morality.

Romney’s former press secretary said it best.

Is a senator who votes based on bitterness and jealousy who the people of Utah want to represent them?

We’ll find out at the polls.

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