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Trump Wins Iowa Youth Straw Poll With Over Two Times The Votes Of Closest Democrat!


President Trump is shattering every mold, breaking every stereotype.  

Proving he can do what the so-called “experts” say can’t be done.

He’s winning black voters.

He’s winning women voters.

He’s winning life-long Democrats.

And now you can add another group to the list:  the Youth.  

It’s long been thought that young people vote Democrat, and they’d never go for a stodgy Republican.

Certainly they’d never support Donald Trump, after all the indoctrination in the schools and media.

Except……except something funny is happening.

Our youth are a lot more perceptive than we give them credit for.  

And they know a leader when they see one.

They know a witch hunt when they see one.

And they know a guy who loves America when they see one.

The results of a new Iowa Youth Straw are in and it’s a runaway landslide for President Donald John Trump!

Take a look:


From KWWL:

Students had the chance to participate in the democratic voting process during the 2020 Iowa Youth Straw Poll.

Students across Iowa voted for the U.S. president, U.S. Senate, and U.S. House of Representatives. 

In the presidential race, Over 25,000 total votes were cast, as Trump led all vote-getters with 8,639 votes. Andrew Yang led the Democratic candidates with 3,682 votes. Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg followed as 2nd and 3rd Democratic vote-getters.

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And from WeAreIowa:

The youth of Iowa favorites President Donald Trump and entrepreneur Andrew Yang for president in the 2020 Iowa Youth Straw Poll. 

The Iowa Youth Straw Poll gives young Iowans a chance to have their voices heard. Their voices are telling something a bit different from the last poll. 

Since the 2019 fall poll, one Republican candidate and seven Democrats dropped out of the race. 

A big change in the race- Andrew Yang. 

Yang wasn’t a straggler in the last poll, he was ranked at third between Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden. This time, he was number one with 22.6 percent of the votes.

Vt. Senator Bernie Sanders came in second at 21 percent, then Buttigieg at 18 percent. Biden comes in at fourth with 11.3 percent of the votes.

The results were consistent with another youth straw poll:


While we wait for the caucuses to get underway, the results from the Iowa Youth Straw Poll are in. The Straw Poll is a state-wide election put on by schools of all levels across the state.

Not much has changed from the Straw Poll that was conducted in the Fall. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders still remain the top vote receivers. Donald Trump was the clear favorite in the poll, with nearly 30% of the overall vote. He was followed by Bernie Sanders with 16%, Andrew Yang with 15%, and Pete Buttigieg with 10%. Tom Steyer was the next closest with 9%. He was trailed by Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and Tulsi Gabbard.

These totals were pulled from participating schools in southeast Iowa. There were 2,184 votes in that area.

The enthusiasm has even extended to the typically far-left college campuses:


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