Nancy Pelosi Says She Ripped Up Trump's Speech Because It Was The "Courteous Thing To Do"

Nancy Pelosi Says She Ripped Up Trump’s Speech Because It Was The “Courteous Thing To Do”

I’m sure you’ve seen it by now.

The infamous moment at the end of President Trump’s SOTU Address last night where Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stood up and proceeded to rip up her copy of the speech page by page on live TV. 

In front of the nation.  

Fox News started to cut away until one anchor noticed it and the cameras came back around.

It was a scene.

It was disgusting.

It was beneath the dignity of the office. 

See it here:

And here:

What you might not know is Speaker Pelosi was asked why she did it as she was walking out, and her answer is really something.

"Why did you do it Nancy?" the reporter shouted.

Her answer:

What is she smoking?

That doesn't even make sense!  

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