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Elizabeth Warren Appears To Hide Behind Staffer To Avoid Being Filmed Getting Off Private Jet


The “Do as I say, not as I do” Democrats are really something!

A real piece of work, that is.

As they constantly lecture us about CO2 and Carbon and greenhouse gases and global warming….wait, make that global cooling….no make that “climate change”….oh yeah, and acid rain (whatever happened to that?) and the glaciers shrinking (or is that expanding) and sea levels rising (or not)…..amidst all of that, you’d think that a Democrat would never be caught dead in a private plane.  

All that extra carbon being spewn out into the atmosphere just because you couldn’t hop a ride aboard a commercial plane already making the trip?

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Right Liz?

That is you, right?

I mean, I know you tried to hid behind your staffer, but that is you I see in these videos, right?

What were you doing there Elizabeth?

The Internet was not fooled (these posts are great):

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