Claire McMcCaskill Asks Why Dr. Carson Doesn't Have a Seat, Don Jr. Informs Her He Sits In First Class!

Claire McMcCaskill Asks Why Dr. Carson Doesn’t Have a Seat, Don Jr. Informs Her He Sits In First Class!


You can go ahead and shut down the Internet for today because Don Jr. just won. Β 

Here’s what happened….

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Liberal Claire McCaskill posted this snotty tweet with some vile comments about Ben Carson:

I've got a question for you.....

Why are Liberals ALWAYS talking about race?Β 

It's like they're obsessed with it.

It's like it's all they see.

So here we go again, McCaskill posted this probably thinking she's just scored a "big hit" against Team Trump.


Don Jr. saw it and decided to correct the record with this Tweet....which should go down in some sort of Hall of Fame:

Claire, are you ok?

That was SAVAGE!

Quick, someone get Claire some of this to apply all over her red ass!


Seriously, someone click that image and Amazon Prime her some, I think she's gonna need it! Β πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The Twitter replies were NOT kind to old Claire (but they are hilarious):

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