Mark Levin Finds Video of John Bolton Saying The Trump-Ukraine Call Was "Warm and Cordial"

Mark Levin Finds Video of John Bolton Saying The Trump-Ukraine Call Was “Warm and Cordial”

Well, I think you can stick a fork in the old warmonger, John Bolton…..he’s done!

The latest hope of the Dems to finally “finish off” President Trump was John Bolton. 

He was going to come in and give testimony that would finally finish off President Trump!

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Except…..I guess they all forgot about this interview.

Good think Mark Levin didn’t!

Levin couldn’t even wait for his next radio show to go live, he posted it to his Twitter because he had to share it with the world.

Any idea that Bolton was going to give testimony about Trump’s “terrible” call with the President of Ukraine just got flushed down the toilet with this video.

PLEASE enjoy.....and share with your friends:


Here's more from our friends over at MAGADailyReport:

Mark Levin just found a skeleton in John Bolton’s very boney closet and publicly exposed it and all but cleared Trump of all of these bogus charges in the process.

Levin tweeted out: “I am linking to this now, rather than waiting for my radio show this evening, even though I know the backbenchers will gobble it up & claim they’re “breaking news” with their “exclusive” reports.”

“So be it.  It needs to get out there to a broad audience,” he continued.

“And this is an interview with John Bolton describing the president’s conversations w/ the president of Ukraine as warm & cordial in Aug 2019.”

“If he thought at the time that the president was stiff-arming the Ukrainians, he had a funny way of showing it.”

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And with that Mark Levin just destroyed what was left of John Bolton’s credibility and believe me he didn’t have much left.

That guy was involved in some of the worst decisions this country has ever made, ones that cost us money and the lives of our brave soldiers.

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