Mayor Pete Has His Jeb Bush Moment As Crowd Fails To Clap For Him

“Please clap”.

It was my absolutely favorite moment of the 2016 campaign.

Do you remember it?

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It was wooden and low-energy Jeb Bush at a “rally”.

When good old Jeb delivered a line that was supposed to result in applause, nothing happened.

So Jeb uttered those famous words:  “Please clap…”

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was watching the real Jeb or a Will Ferrell impersonation on SNL because that’s what it felt like.

If you don’t remember or just want to laugh again (like I did), here you go:

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Oh it's even better than I remembered!

It's aging like a fine wine!

Only getting so much better with time.

And that brings me to Mayor Pete and his own "Please clap" moment.

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Here you go:

If you ask me, it's good but nothing will ever replace the original.

It's not "Please clap" good, but it's good. 

What do you think?

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