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Brad Parscale Reports Toledo Rally Had Over 40% Non-Republicans In Attendance!


If you want the recipe for a MASSIVE Trump landslide win in 2020, it’s this…

Huge support from outside the Republican party.

How does 40% of the massive crowd in Toledo sound?

That’s how many people the stats show in attendance that were NON-Republicans!

Absolutely stunning.

And before anyone tries to twist the data, it’s not as if President Trump is unpopular WITHIN the Republicans.

Exactly the opposite.

He has 95% approval rate.

Read it and weep Dems:

Big data from Toledo:

✅ 22,927 Voters Identified

✅ 18,210 Voters From Ohio

✅ 5,216 Registrants Didn't Vote in 2016

✅ 21.9% Democrats

✅ 20.9% Independents

Rallies = Winning Data!

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